Visitor Access

Visitor Access -Persons found on site using any camera other than that mentioned above shall be dealt with, as trespassers and the cameras being used and all films found in the possession of such person will be confiscated. We sale Meeting Room Booking System for Buyer and Customers

  • Monitor and Check for Identity of all visitors and employees coming in and out of the factory building. Ensure all visitors Sign in and take a Visitor’s Card at the time of entry and sign out and return the card at the time of leaving the premises on the Visitor’s Log Book. Information on the Visitor’s Log Book must contain the name and address of the visitor, purpose of visit, person to visit, time of entry and exit and the Visitor’s Card number issued. No employees will be allowed to enter or exit the premises without the Identity Card.The following requirements apply to all visitors, visitor vehicles and their drivers. Visitors shall not be allowed access into the site unless the person whom the visitor wishes to see has agreed the visit. The person shall assume full responsibility for the actions of his visitor whilst on the site.
  • Make routine rounds in and around the factory to check for any illegal entry or break in and report to Security in charge Officer, Manager Administration or the concerned Authority. Dial 118 in case of emergency during closed hours, contact the Manager Administration. List of emergency numbers are placed on the reception and security desk. A record of the patrols made every two hours during the closed hours and nighttime must be recorded in the Security Patrol Register. Visitors shall take only instructed routes to his destination. Under no circumstances they are allowed to drive around anywhere else.
  • Count, Weight or Measure as appropriate any and all inbound or outbound goods and cargo and countersign on the appropriate receipt like “Delivery Chalan” or “Gate Pass” for goods only. No sign will be authenticated unless the security seal is put on the Chalan or Pass. Visitors shall sign in the Visitors/Vehicle Ledger at the gate when issued a temporary visitor pass, and sign out surrendering the temporary pass when leaving the site.
  • Register all incoming and outgoing vehicles out of the factory in the Vehicle In and Out Register. Ensure no passenger vehicle other than company vehicles are parked inside the factory premises. Do not allow any vehicles to park inside the designated loading and unloading area. Vehicle of the visitor shall receive a Temporary Vehicle Pass in exchange of his or his driver’s Driving License then will be permitted the vehicle to drive into the site.
  • Peddlers. Visitor who carries a camera, video camera or instrument.
  • (Visitor shall deposit the goods to guards).
  • Intoxicated person.
  • Person who has a symptom of mental illness.
  • Visitors to the workmen during working hours.
  • Visitors who not directly involved in the work of the Project shall be subject to AUTO approval until request form handover to the Company following which the Company approval will be required.
  • Visitors shall not be allowed walking inside the construction area without permission of AUTO Administration Manager and with the escort of construction personnel
  • The security guards should handle unannounced visitors such as government officers and community representatives in an appropriate and courteous manner.
  • It shall not be permitted entry of such persons as mentioned below unless otherwise authorized by the 8MI Administration Manager.
  • The Subcontractor shall obtain written authorization from the AUTO for the limited use of specific cameras on the site, only for construction purposes and statutory reporting, progress reporting, supplier claims, incident investigations and the like.
  • Visitor Access reserves the right to view, and possibly disapproves, any photographs taken before such is to be produced to the third parties
  • In order to prevent misuse and theft of confidential information, all such information shall be either locked up or housed in offices, which have security guard cover on a 24 hour basis.
  • All critical data (including computer data) shall be duplicated, with originals located in fire proof containers/rooms.
  • A temporary pass facility shall be utilized for visitors, but nobody shall be issued with a pass until they have successfully completed safety induction and Project orientation of appropriate level.
  • Location of camp accommodation and nature of surrounding environment.
  • Check the cargo area of a cover van bound to carry finished goods from the factory prior to loading. 7-point inspection should be followed in the following manner. Existing lighting facilities.


Visitor Access -All personnel shall make to the site through only designated gates. Only persons wearing their security passes which shall be individually numbered and include a passport size photograph, shall be admitted to the construction and commissioning areas. No one shall be allowed without a proper gate pass, except for cases of emergency, and with an approval of the Security Visitor Access .