Vigiprint Software

The Lectra vigiprint apparel software is the product of  lectra kaledo is used for inputing  & managing plotting files batches intended for a group of plotters, printers  & small Lectra laser cutters that is interlinked to the station by an Ethernet netjob. These marker plotting files design are approved out as general task. The Lectra vigiprint marker print software is configurable generally at installation for processing several file type according to their file format . The files of Lectra vigiprint are generally formed by apparel industry, Upholstery, Footwear or Industry Lectra CAD – COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN software. For apparel Lectra vigiprint can process files produced by the LS Type & Modaris applications. It  cutfiles created by non-Lectra CAD – COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN

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The Lectra vigiprint software proposes have two use levels :

  1. The level for a current use – input batches as well as launch the plotting files  & follow-up the plotting files
  2. The Master level also enables management of the job  & configuration parameter & it gives access into the plotter control.

Vigiprint Configuration with Video

Graphtec Plotter Software Configuration:

This module of VigiPrint software for graphtec plotter can be operated on a general PC type job station with a Linux operating system, derived from UNIX for the PC. This station integrates the open partner graphic desk

Graphtec Plotter Software Configuration
Plotter Software Configuration

Graphtec Plotter Software installation:

The Lectra vigiprint package of graphtec plotter need to be installed by the P Manager value according to the process explained in the document. When opening Lectra vigiprint for the very first time on the job station the default configuration files are created randomly and automatically. This TRAPARAM FORMATEDfile system can be modified later.

Launching the Software for Graphtec Plotter:

When the installation, configuration  & starting procedures of graphtec plotter of the environment have been finished  this print software is presents from the Open Partner graphic station. In the applications area double click the icon representing Lectra vigiprint. During the software loading time it show an information dialogue box which is viewed  then the main software screen of Lectra vigiprint is viewed.

Quitting the software:

For quitting the print software use the Quit function icon in the bottom left corner of the main software screen. Generally Click on Quit icon button of the software proposes a Confirmation dialogue box with a YES button  & a NO button. It is also imaginable to quit the software by using the Quit icon. This printing software is used to print marker of lectra diamino software.

Operating Principles of Cad Plotter  Software:

The many job stations of CAD – Computer Aided Design plotter  & the plotting files or cutting peripherals are interlinked by an Ethernet netjob. The utility of  the applications group Administrator Utilities is used normally to declare the peripherals acknowledged ment by each station on the network. In the example shown below the station on which Lectra vigiprint has been installed only acknowledges Plotter 1 as well as Laser cutter 1. These two process only will appear in the list of plotters that can be selected. The Lectra vigiprint software are capable to plot files from various environments. For example Apparel  Industry, Upholstery Industry, Footwear Industry  & Industry or non Lectra kaledo CAD – COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN Plotter. For apparel industry the Lectra vigiprint can process the files whose shapes are produced by LS Type only , the Modaris only or either one of them. These various possibilities are determined by the input formats that is available for Lectra vigiprint. Generally they are chosen when installing the software, but they should be modified later at Master level

Operating Principles of Cad Plotter Software
Diagram of Cad Plotter Software

The main determination of Lectra vigiprint CAD – Computer Aided Design plotter software contains in inputting a file or a list of files to be plotted. Once sent into the plotter, the file becomes a batch. The operations corresponding of this task are explained in the system. When one or several batche has been sent into the plotter the operator can visualize to modify these batches. To define or carry out a plot a certain number of information are called parameters are requested. This information is related to the plotter  & stored it in a TRAPARAM FORMATED file. This types of file created automatically at the first use, contains default values. The operator can define his own values to keep them for another job station to save them in the TRAPARAM FORMATEDfile.  At last the operator may intervene directly on the plotter from the job station to switch it on or off reset to zero, access the maintenance mode.

Selecting a Plotter for Plotter Service:

This function  &  plotter service is using for selecting the main garment  plotter where the batches must be plotted. As a default value the name of the last plotter is selected is viewed in an input area of the main software screen. After double clicking on this input area it will display a dialogue box Selecting a plotter

Selecting a Plotter for Plotter Service
Selecting a Plotter

After that to select a plotter choose any name from the list then close the selection with button to get plotter service. Generally the name of the selected plotter is viewed in the main software screen. When select a plotter name the locations of the files by default associated to this plotter are viewed automatically as the input grid. The default value of the plotter related to this plotter are automatically allocated to the library, text, geometry & operating parameters of plotter service.

Adding a Line is Plotter Service:

In this function is used for adding a line in the list of files to be plotted by indicating a file name  & its associated plotting files parameters.

  • When there is no line selected in the list the input area for the file name in the grid is empty.
  • Modify  & complete if required the plotting files 0attributes showed in the input grid
  • Input the name of the file that need for plotting in the input area
  • Validate the line addition by clicking on add button
  • The name of the file need for plotting is erased in the input area,
  • The plotting files parameters are not modified that makes possible to input several lines in a row with the same parameters.

Description of the plotting attributes

Modification in the input grid : Two parameter lines are normally used to define the name and location of the file to be plotted :

Vigiprint of Lectra Kaledo
Vigiprint Selection

Input zone 1 is used for indicating the name of the file to be plotted, and input zone 2 the location of this file with the usual syntax directory1/directory2 / … /directoryN

For modifying the contents of an input zone, the user can either input directly the access path or the file name.  For this double click on the input zone, to open the selector.

The Push Button is used to copy the location of the markers or the garments into the form.

Modification in the work list : The name of the file to be plotted is recalled under the Marker , Garmentor Part icon depending on the active input mode.

Vigiprint  of Lectra Kaledo Linked to the work Configuration:

For Plotting parts :

  • In case of parts generated by LS Model of IBA format the user must indicate the Part of thefile and the Part library
  • In case of parts generated by Modaris of MDL format the user must fill in the Part name and specify the variant name and the Model file to which the part is linked, and the Model library.
  • In case of a mixed configuration of IBA/MDL format which allows to plot the parts generated by LS Model and Modaris, a toggle button Piece file/Piece name allows to switch from one case to another.

For Plotting files Markers:

  • Instead of  parts produced by LS Type of PLA  & IBA formats the user should show the Marker file the Marker library  & the Part library
  • Instead of the parts are produced by Modaris of PLX  & Mdl file formats the user should show the Marker file the Marker library  & the Type library
  • Instead of  a mixed configuration of PLA or PLX  & IBA or Mdl file formats the user should show the Marker file , the Marker library  & the Part library or the Type library

Vigiprint  of Lectra Kaledo For Plotting Garments:

Instead of the parts produced by LS Type of PLA  & IBA formats the user should show the Garment file, the Garment library  & the Part library

Instead of  the parts produced by the Modaris of PLX  & Mdl file formats the user can plot a Type or a Variant. The choice is made in a pull-down menu. For a type he must fill in the name of the Type & the Type library, for a variant the Variant name the name of the associated Type file  & the Type library

Instead of a mixed configuration of PLA or PLX  & IBA or Mdl file formats the user can also plot garments. This function appears in the pull down menu. The user should then fill in the Garment name, the Garment library  & the Piece library in Lectra vigiprint  of Lectra Kaledo Modules

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