YouTube Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

  • Put a keyword into your YouTube channel name
  • Fill out the About Us page
  • Use channel keyword tags under Advanced Settings
  • Include related tags and hashtags
  • Update your channel trailer
  • Rename your video file using a target keyword.
  • Insert your keyword naturally in the video title.
  • Optimize your video description and write more than 300 characters with keywords
  • Publish long videos
  • Speak Keywords in Your Videos
  • Tag your video with popular keywords that relate to your topic
  • Focus on first 15 seconds of video to maximize watch time
  • Create playlists that enhance watch time
  • Say your keywords in the video
  • Strengthen user interaction signals
  • Categorize your video.
  • Customize video thumbnails
  • Include compelling language in titles and the year in description
  • Use Video Cards and End Screens for added context and SEO value
  • Use an SRT file to add subtitles & closed captions.
  • Embrace live YouTube videos
  • Add hashtags to increase reach.
  • Leave a pinned comment on your own video
  • Encourage Engagement
  • Build Backlinks

Tutorials for Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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