Veriocleaner Machine
What is Veriocleaner Machine for Spinning

What is Veriocleaner Machine for Spinning ?

Veriocleaner Machine

It consists of three roller beater which helps in opening and removing of dust and waste.


  • No. of machine    = 1
  • Make                    = LAXMI
  • Model                   = LB9
  • Production            = 1000kg/hr.


In Auto INDUSTRY LTD. the final product is denim which requires coarser yarns (5.6s, 6.1s, 8s, 9s, 10s, 12s, 16s). For the production of these counts open end spinning is preferred instead of ring spinning. Here three models of RIETER ROTOR FRAMES are used and these are:

  1. RU-14
  2. R-1
  3. R-20

Altogether the RU-14 rotors one is having the special attachment for slub yarns another is having attachment for producing mixed count yarns. All these rotors are equipped with automatic piecing robot which helps in increasing machine efficiency and production.


In open end spinning the fibre stand i.e. sliver being opened to individual fibre at a predetermine position usually by mean of an opening roller, rotating at a very high speed.

The constant stream of separated fibre is allowed to flow into a high speed rotating disc with the help of draw off roller and tube. The fibre rotate in rotating disc rotor against the wall by the high force and separation point therefore rotates with in the rotor. Each revolution of the yarn at this point inserts one twist in the yarn. The yarn so produced is drawn out with the help of draw off rollers and is easily wound on the package with the help of winding drum.

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