MICRO ELECTRONICS LTD. is the pioneer and the leading and largest Electronic Manufacturing and marketing firm in Bangladesh in the fields of Power and Digital Electronics. The firm was started in 1984 by the Founder Chairman, Late. Mofi-Ud.Doula, a versatile Electrical Engineer with 40 years experience in different Industries in Bangladesh as well as Germany, Australia, Singapore, USA, Japan, Switzerland and other countries. You can read Electric Hazard 


  • 1984 Started manufacturing Electronic Fan Regulator for the first time in Bangladesh. fff
  • 1985 Incorporated as MICRO ELECTRONICS LTD.
  • 1986 Started manufacturing Digital Clock, Electronic Moving Message Display, Automatic Water Level Controller, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, Light Dimmer and Security System.
  • 1986 Awarded the 1st Prize in the National Industrial Exhibition.
  • 1987 Started manufacturing Emergency Power Supply, Emergency Light, Remote Control System & MICRO Call System.
  • 1987 Awarded the 1st Prize in the National Industrial Exhibition.
  • 1988 Installing & Maintaining Road Traffic Light System, Railway Signalling System and Sodium Light.
  • 1989 Developed and started manufacturing UPS, Battery Charger and Regulated Power Supply.
  • 1990 Awarded the 1st Prize in the National Industrial Exhibition.
  • 1991 Started exporting Transformer and Traffic Light Signal Heads and other components.
  • 1992 Formed joint venture with M/S Wagner+Grimm AG of Switzerland.
  • 1993 Developed Rectifier, Static Inverter and other Power Electronic Devices for Railways, Telecommunication and Defense department.
  • 1993 Developed and started manufacturing Constant Voltage Transformer.
  • 1995 Developed and started manufacturing CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)
  • 1996 Started Manufacturing and marketing Distribution Transformer (11KV-.4KV), PFI and Switch Board Panel.
  • 1997 Awarded the 2nd Prize in the Dhaka International Trade Fair’97.
  • 1997 Started manufacturing and marketing of Solar System.
  • 1998 Awarded the 1st Prize in the Dhaka International Trade fair ’98.
  • 1998 Started manufacturing of Electronic Ballast Television and Battery.
  • 1999 Started Powder Coating System and Plastic Casing production plant.
  • 1999 Award Winner of Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF’99)
  • 2000 Awarded the 1st Prize in the Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF 2000).
  • 2001 Awarded the 1st Prize in the Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF 2001).
  • 2001 Formed joint venture with M/S SEC Industrial Batteries Ltd, UK.
  • 2001 Achieved ISO 9002:1994 Certificate on Quality Management system.
  • 2002 Awarded Bangladesh Business Award, 2002 as Best Enterprise of the Year.
  • 2003 Upgraded ISO 9001:2000 from ISO 9002:1994 Certificate on Quality Management System.
  • No Nation Exhibition was has held in 1988-89 and 1991-94.



Board of Directors comprises of following well-reputed persons of Bangladesh.

Mrs. Hasina Doula,
B.A (Hons.) – Well-known woman entrepreneur of Bangladesh. Highly reputed for her very successful marketing ability and Industrial Management.

Mr. Arifud Doula,
Managing Director.
M.Sc. in Economics. He has long experience in marketing in USA and Bangladesh and management training in Japan.

Mrs. Susmita Uddin,

M.A in English, has long experience in marketing in USA and management training in Japan.


The production organization comprising of more than 20 Engineers, and 295 employees/skilled technician/trained workers (both male & female), producing and marketing mainly Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Emergency Power Supply, Battery Charger/Rectifier, Emergency Light, Automatic Traffic Signal System, Telecommunication System, Solar System/Renewable Energy, CCTV, etc.


MICRO has the unique advantage of in-house manufacturing facilities for the following major components required for the production of power and digital products:

Transformers              : All our in-house requirements are manufactured in collaboration with M/S Wagner+Grimm AG, of Switzerland.


Printed Circuit Board :

All PCB requirements are manufactured in MICRO’s Factory.


Casing & Boxes         :

Quality sheet metal Casing & Boxes are manufactured in our main Factory with Electrostatic Powder Coating facilities.



Assembly                   :Assembly works are done by using MICRO’s modern facilities and highly skilled technicians for quality.
Quality Control           :MICRO has one of the best quality control systems in country. Apart from this highly qualified quality control team, all Managers, Engineers and Section Supervisors are trained in Total Quality Management (TQM).


 MICRO has a sales organization comprising of 30 Sales Executives and Sales Mangers. Most of the Sales Executives are Engineer. MICRO has own Sales and Service Centres in all the major cities of Bangladesh. It has a sales network of 200 dealers in the major cities and minor towns all over Bangladesh.


Head Office :Located in city in BSCIC Electronic Complex, Mirpur, Dhaka – 5,000 sqft built-up area.


Savar Factory                       :

Located in 30 km from city centre – 30,000 sqft.


Mirpur Factory                      :

At present 3000 sq.ft. built-up factory area. Proposed 30,000 sqft. factory in the industrial plot at Mirpur in Dhaka city.


MICRO has 06 Sales & Service Centres (list enclosed) and our Engineers & Technicians are engaged to provide prompt after-sales-service at different parts of the country. They render periodical services for MICRO products as per need of the equipment. They also attend service calls from customers. Besides, with a view to receive service calls from customers and their complaints, if any, about MICRO products, educated & technically qualified persons are employed at the call centre. MICRO thus also obtains first hand feedback of the products for proper R&D.


F  Automatic Voltage Stabilizer


– Domestic and Industrial

F  Electronic Moving Message Display
F  Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


– Domestic and Industrial

F  Digital Clock
F  Emergency Power Supply (EPS)F  Distribution Transformer


– 5KVA to 5MVA

F  CCTV (Close Circuit TV) System.F  Automatic Traffic Signal System
F  Sub-Station Equipment


– 5KVA to 5MVA

F  Static Inverter
F  Automatic Battery ChargerF  Solar System/Renewable Energy
F  Converter & RectifierF  PFI Plant
F  Electronic Fan Regulator (EFR)F  Water Level Controller (WLC)
F  Electronic BallastF  Surge Protector
F  Automatic Emergency LightF  Power Guard
F  Other Electronic EquipmentF