Towel Embroidery Machine

The computer automatically controls the towel embroidery machine, with no need of human intervention. The M- axis drive mechanism, the Z-word needlepoint independent motor control, and the newly designed mechanical transmission chain have reduced transmission errors and minimized the run-out tolerance of embroidery guide rope components.

Embroidery Towels:

Both monogram and towel embroidery machine can make embroider on towel. Monogram is same like towel machine. The functions are also similar.

Embroidery Towels
Embroidery on Towels

Monogram Machine:

Monogram machine is suitable for all kinds of high precision embroidery and embroidery craft, including Zhang Zai, precise LOGO, tridimensional embroidery, erect thread embroidery, tuft embroidery. Three- dimensional embroidery machine, etc. They improve the additional value of products.

Monogram Machine
Monogram Machine

Electronic Control of Monogram Machine:

The monogram machine adopts 5* 10-inch (optional) true color display screen, USB pattern input, real-time pattern tracking capability, and emergency stop (machine) operating function.

Embroidery Quality of Monogram Machine:

According to the pattern design with different color configuration, automatic color change in embroidery. And can automatically adjust the towel embroidery stitch length

Body Frame of Monogram Machine:

Design the automatic lifting gear of presser foot and make a perfect combination of independent motors and precision mechanical components. The lifting is entirely controlled by computer, easy and fast. The special embroidery heads significantly.reduce operating noise and improve the working environment

Parts of Standard Embroidery Machine:

  1. Simple rope embroidering device 2.Intelligent rope embroidering device (with M axis control)
  2. Carving holes embroidering device
  3. Laser positioning device
  4. Sequin device (single sequin and double sequins for your choise)
  5. Automatic refueling device

Needle Management Standard Operation Procedure:

Introduction:The Needle management Policy to be strictly maintained and this is highlighted in the code of conduct of almost all buyers.

Needle Receive & Submission of Report.

  1. The Needle supplier will collect required needle for use from the store by using store requisition.
  2. The amount of Needle expenditure to be registered in a register every day by needle supplier.
  3. At the end of each month the monthly needle expenditure, broken needle & used needle closing summary to be preserved with Store Manager.
  4. The closing summary prepared by Needle supplier to be handed over to the Store Manager and after checking it the Store Manager to sign it and preserve it to the store.
  5. After completion of the preservation of needle closing summary of the previous month, the Store Manager will issue new needle, to the needle supplier for as per the requirements
  6. Without the closing report of the types of  needle use in previous month and also other than returning the broken and used needle, no new needle to be issued to the needle supplier.

Needle Distribution & Issue.

  1. If a needle is broken in the machine while in use, the machine operator can collect a new one from needle supplier after depositing the broken one.
  2. If some needle become unusable also can be replaced in the same way after deposition.
  3. In the event of broken needle the whole part of the needle has to be deposited to the Needle supplier. Other than this no new needle can be issued.
  4. Before replacement of broken needle all the parts of the broken needle to be checked and confirmed that those parts belong to the same needle.
  5. The re-issue of the broken needle to be of same type and same size in compare to the previous one.

If the Broken Parts of Needle are Not Found.

  1. Deliberate searching of the needle must be done. In this event Magnet can be used to find the small parts of the needle itself.
  2. If broken part of the needle not found then immediately all Garments part near those machine areas are to be checked through needle detector machine,
  3. If any garments part / body do not pass through the needle detector then that part / garments body to be kept in the Needle Detection Failure Box and to be deposited as rejected material.

Issue of Needle Without Submission of Broken Part of the Needle.

  1. Requisition to be given as per prescribed form.
  2. The requisition to be signed by proper authority. (GMP/GMA/QAM)
  3. This requisition to be preserved

Broken Needle Preservation.

  1. All broken needle part to be attached with scotch tape and systematically to be kept in a register / paper.
  2. All used needle to be also kept as per format attached with scotch tape and must be kept under lock and key.
  3. All has to strictly adhere to the above mentioned broken needle policy and no violation is accepted on this.

Specifications of Standard Embroidery Machine:

Effective stitch:  0.1mm-12.1mm

Motor type : Full servo motor drive

Highest speed : 1100rpm

Number of needle bar:   6/9/1If Needle selection

Head number : 2-30 heads for your choice

Embroidery range In X direction:   1200mmUT Below 1200mm

Embroidery range in Y direction : 1500mm tt T Below 1500mm

Embroidery pattern  : The S single head and G separate head for your choise

Function of Monogram Machine:

Achieve different functions in one monogram machine. A variety of traditional embroidery methods can be realized in one machine for one embroidery piece, which can also be added with towel stitches effects. A variety of designs and materials are integrated into one machine, reflecting the highest embroidery level. It makes trimming embroidery towels on tablecloths, blankets, hats and leather garments and so on.

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