Safety Toolbox Talks

-Safety Toolbox Talks – Many Retailer/brand members of Auto  have agreements with their supply chain to have immediate visibility of audit data whoever owns the audit, however the auditor will always proceed on the basis that the information belongs only to the audit payee unless informed otherwise.The objective of the talk is just to overview the hazardous tasks as well as making the workers aware of all these. For this purpose a small group known as Safety Circle was formed.

Job: Change of V-belts from cooling tower.

List of critical steps of this job

  • Permit to work must be issued during this sort of job,
  • Working at height rules will be applicable to this job,
  • Proper tools to be used,
  • Loosen the motor base from the fan pulley base,
  • Remove the V-belts and insert the new ones,
  • Always replace all the 03 belts at a time,
  •  No material should be thrown from above.


As circulating oil in the machine is very hot, heat resist container must be used to collect oil. Leather hand gloves and face shield must be worn. Oil collecting point valve to be opened very slowly.


Describes the normal ownership of audit information and highlights the importance of obtaining ‘audit release’ information from the supplier site if the customer /interested others expect to see details.

The party who pays for the audit would normally be assumed to be the audit owner.

The audit owner (normally the supplier site) is in control of access to that data, and the Auto  system supports this process in ensuring that the supplier site is able to decide who should have visibility of their audit information.

If there are other authorised third parties who are entitled to view the audit details with the agreement of the supplier site, the auditor must ensure they have a documented release statement before audit data is released to parties other than the payee.

Scissor/ Cutter must be tied with machine/ table so that it does not fall on the ground causing unwanted accident.

The ropes used to tie such tools must not be more then 26” long.

All Scissor/ Cutter users should attached their name to the cutter/ scissors.

In no case knife/ needle to be used without tide on the floor.

All workers of sewing machine must use musk.

Every one has to abide by needle policy formulated for MIM Design Ltd.

Needle of all idle machines to be untied and deposited to the needle man.

In no case operators workers should preserve extra needle in their position.

Controlling policy of tag gun in finishing floor is as under.

The name of the user must to clearly written on the tag gun.

Needle of the tag gun must be covered and deposited to secured place after use of Safety Toolbox Talks.