Three Roll Mills . Compliance and Specifications

Three Roll Mills . Compliance and Specifications

Three Roll Mills

Description – Three Roll Mills Detail
Roller Material Stainless Steel / Ceramic (Alumina)
Diameter of Roller 2.5″ (65mm)
Length of Roller 5.0″ (127mm)
Roller Speed Ratio (Fixed) 1:2:4
Speed of Roller RPM Slow Roller 0108 Middle Roller 0216 Fast Roller 0-432
Power 3/4HP / .55kW
Voltage 220V 50 lIz (10% voltage fluctuation allowed)
Throughput 0.75-3.75 G/Ilr or 6-30 LBS / I Ir
Safety Features Emergency pull cord Large mushroom style emergency stop button Easily accessible stop and start buttons VFD enabled slow-speed wash-up operation Nip guard (optional)
Features Stainless steel rollers are precision ground 420J2 stainless steel to prevent rust or erosion. The hardness is rated at 1-111.50-60 for reliable long-life usage. Rolls are cored for either cooling for heating. Manifold, valve, and collection tank are standard. Rollers are ground to 5rim concentricity and 0.5tun surface finish for precise applications


More than three years ago, the industry began a process to demonstrate its commitment to responsible business practices and to ensure that apparel is produced under lawful, humane and ethical conditions. The process has reached out to many  interested constituencies outside the apparel manufacturing community, including retailers, human rights advocates, public interest organizations, development agencies, and the licensing community.

The first result of this process was the development of the Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production Principles – basic standards that address labor practices, factory conditions, and environmental and customs compliance. The WRAP Principles received the public endorsement of the AAMA Board of Directors in 1998. More recently, the Principles have been endorsed by groups representing apparel manufacturers from 18 countries around the world. Global support for WRAP from consumers, manufacturers and governments grows monthly. Recently, WRAP received the endorsement from manufacturers in Hong Kong, Sri Lanka Pakistan, China, India and Guatemala. In November 2001, WRAP welcomed the endorsement of the Textile and Apparel Manufacturers from Turkey.

In addition to the endorsement of the WRAP Principles, the manufacturing associations and member manufacturing companies are actively participating in the WRAP Certification Program. The WRAP Certification Program is the only independent and globally supported factory certification program requiring manufacturers to comply with the 12 universally accepted WRAP Production Principles assuring safe and healthy workplace conditions, and respect for workers’ rights.

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