Thermosol Dyeing Machine

Thermosol dyeing machine helps to improve production capacity. It does not required rotation after padding. It must feed on pad steam for fixation just after dyeing which gives finished product. It is a dyeing machine but it can not produce the color as finally required or permanent. But in PDC process it can provide finished product. By this machine only color is migrated from liquor to fabric. Then it is dried on pre dryer & followed by hot air flow drying in thermosol unit. After this process color is developed in pad steam by chemical padding.

M/c specification:

Brand Name: Monfort Montex

Origin: Germany

Flow chart of Thermosol Dyeing Machine

Fabric inlet

J- Box

Dye Padding

VTGR (Airing Zone)

IR Dryer-1 + 2

Drying Unit


Cooling Cylinder

J- Box

Fabric Outlet

Sections of Thermosol Dyeing Machine

Thermosol Dyeing Machine  – Fabric inlet section: After mercerizing batcher is feed into the inlet of thermosol machine. Where the fabric is passed over some free roller, parpet roller & platter. Here there is a compensator to control fabric open width entry & controlling fabric speed.

Thermosol Dyeing Machine - Fabric inlet section
Fabric inlet section

Thermosol Dyeing Machine  – Cooling roller:If the fabric comes in thermosol just after mercerizing, the fabric remains hot. When it will feed on thermosol machine it can increase temperature of chemical bath. So cooling roller is essential

Thermosol Dyeing Machine - Cooling roller
Cooling roller

Thermosol Dyeing Machine  – Chemical Mixing tank:In thermosol machine only dye stuff & wetting agent & migrating agent is used. Dyes are dissolved separately from wetting & migrating agent then all are forced to chemical storage tank as required & agitated for proper mixing.

Thermosol Dyeing Machine - Chemical Mixing tank
Chemical Mixing tank

A typical recipe for thermosol process

Recipe for Reactive Dye:

Fabric construction:- 108 X 52 / 45 X 34/2

Nova yellow CRG = 0.76 gm/l

Nova Red C- 2 BL= 0.72 gm/l

Nova Blue CR = 0.53 gm/l

Primasol-v = 10 gm/l

Primasol-NF = 2 gm/l

Urea          = 50 gm/l

Soda ash   = 10 gm/l

Fabric Speed – 5o m/min

Temperature – 120 -130°C

Recipe for Disperse Dye:

Fabricconstruction:- 133 x 60 / 20X 16

Nova yellow S3R = 4.80 g/l

Nova red S3R     = 5.90 gm/l

Nova navy SG     = 14.40 gm/l

Soda ash = 15 gm/l

Urea = 100 gm/l

Primasol-v = 10 gm/l

Primasol-NF = 2 gm/l

A typical recipe of W/W dye:

Padder pressure = 3 bar

Speed                = 3m/min

Steaming           = 1.5 min

Nova yellow NC = 5.84 gm/l

Nova brown NC = 2.04 gm/l

Nova blue CD    = 2.9 gm/l

R.salt               = 3 gm/l

Glubar salt       = 10 gm/l

Soda ash          = 10 gm/l

Wetting agent   = 2 gm/l

Thermosol Dyeing Machine  – Dye Padding Unit:Here chemical comes from storage tank to maintain even range on padding tank. Here three bowl padding is occurred. During padding the most common problem of dyeing “listing problem” can be solved by adjusting pressure on left, right & middle of padder. The layer of dyes keeps up to 50 liter & automatically dyes is come to dye bath.

Thermosol Dyeing Machine - Dye Padding Unit
Dye Padding Unit

Thermosol Dyeing Machine  – VTGR (Airing zone): After dye padding before enter in to IR dryer unit, the fabric is passed through airing zone. Where fabric is conditioned by open air.

Thermosol Dyeing Machine - VTGR (Airing zone)
VTGR (Airing zone)

IR dryer: After airing zone fabric pass over some free roller then enter in IR dryer. It is called pre dryer. Here temperature is around 650-750’ can differ based on fabric speed & type of fabric is processing. In thermosol there are two IR unit & each contain two heating zone(flamer). Here fabric is dried up to 40%.

M/C Name: Maxon

Inlet pressure: 80 bar

Heat input: 483 kw

Type of gas: Natural gas

Hot air flow drying unit:Fabric comes to this unit after predrying. Here there are three unit of heating. Each contains two heater (gas type) & two blower. Temperature is taken is around 80-150’C. If this flamer & blower is not work properly it will create listing problem. Here there are few additional options like humidity control unit & cleaning unit. When pad dry cure is performed in thermosol then humidity must be controlled. If it can control, no need to use urea. Fabric contains different types of dust so when hot water is blown it can make problem in heater & blower. So there is a screen unit so that dust can not goes in blower or heater. Smaller particles can be taken out trough duct & release to environment. Here 30-35 meter fabric is remain.

Curing chamber:After drying the fabric is passed through curing chamber. Here the fabric is heated from 150-170’C in case of reactive & in case of disperse 200-210’C. In this chamber there are four layer of roller. And in this roller 80-85 meter fabric is remain for proper heating & fixing the color of fabric.

 Cooling roller:After hot air flow drying fabric require a cooling. So fabric is passed over the cooling roller. It is a stainless steel roller through which cold water is passed. There are two cooling roller.

Thermosol Dyeing Machine  – J-Box:It is a space for keeping fabric. When the batch is completed, it is needed to change & another empty batch roller is to be settled. Due to continuous dyeing process it is not possible to stop the m/c. So during changing batch roller the fabric is stored in J-BOX. And when new empty batch roller is settled, then the fabric is started to batching.

Thermosol Dyeing Machine - J-Box

Thermosol Dyeing Machine  – Fabric outlet:Finally fabric is passed over batching roller & batched on batching roller. Then it becomes ready to feed in pad steam in chemical padding.

Thermosol Dyeing Machine - Fabric outlet
Fabric outlet

Thermosol Dyeing Machine  – Control Panel:From control panel all types of instruction can be provide to the machinery. This machine has a full manual control panel. The operator controls every process by control switch.

Thermosol Dyeing Machine - Control Panel
Control Panel

Testing required during Thermosol operation:

  1. Pick up testing
  2. Shade listing identification.

Pick up testing:Before going to thermosoling pick up of the fabric should be calculated & based on this result liquor is prepared.

Thermosol Dyeing Machine  – Shade listing identification: After each 1000 meter shade is tested in light box. Here listing problem is visualized & can be solved by increasing or decreasing left, centre or right padder pressure. Suppose in left color is lighter then lower the pressure of left side.

Thermosol Dyeing Machine - Shade listing identification
Shade listing identification