Lap Former Machine

Lap Former Machine of spinning mill is used for lapping cotton and forming compact lap from drawn sliver by drawing & drafting to feed the combing machine. The lap of 30 inch wide is wound on to bobbin and cotton wool. The lap former machine is not use in the carded yarn process because it is used for lapping yarn by lapping process. Former meaning make laps of various counts for Carding Machine of textile industry.

Application of  Lap Former Machine for Lapping Process:

This machine is used for lapping process wool and further opening and impurity separating cotton human made fibre blend and midlength chemical fibre balow 77mm and making  the lap and lap joint of various counts for carding machine.

cotton on Lap Former
Lap Former Machine Parts

Specifications of Lap Former Machine:

The specifications of this machine is stated below shortly-

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Name“][label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value“]
Product CategorySpinning
Machine CategoryLap Former
Product NameLap Former Machine
Product ModelAccording to Manufacturer
Product ClassNew
Brand/ManufacturerName of Manufacturer
Agent In BangladeshNo/Yes
Production Capacity1000 Set/Sets per Month
Machine Width1060 mm
Tine Of Lap Forming365457 min
Output250 Kg/hr
Cotton Diameter365-457 mm
Punching Diameter3.18-5.83 mm
Cotton Roller Diameter230/10-13 mm
Combined-Beater Diameter406-900 1000 mm
Dimensions (L×W×H)3745×2710×1520
Weight4300 Kg
DescriptionThe machine is applicable for the raw cotton of all classes or chemical fiber. It is used for cotton wool

Cotton Lapping Process:

Flow char of cotton lapping process during whole carding procedure is shown below-

First Cotton Bale Process

Blow Room Process

Lap Process

Carding Process

Carded Silver Process

Drawing Process

Drawn Silver Process

Simplex Machine Process

Roving Process

Ring Spinning Process

Spinning Bobbin Yarn Process

Winding Process

Finally Cone Process

Cotton Wool Spots Removing Process:

After making fiber by lapping process the fiber exits some spots. The cotton wool spots removing process are described below-

Sufficient amount of water

Fiber was loaded after lapping process and run for 10 min.

Drain Process

Sufficient amount of water

Acetic acid was included for 4 min.

Wetting agent included for 4 min.

Run for 8 min. at 70 C

Rinse for 10 min.

Drain Process

 Required amount of Water

Acetic acid included for P – controlled

Check P at 4.6

Enzyme included

Run for 1 hours

Shade checking process

Rinsing for 10 min.

Anti crease was included up to 5 minute

Leveling agent included for 5 minute

Run for 20 minute at 80 C”

Rinsing up to 10 minute

Acetic acid included for P – controlled

Checking P at 6.5

Softening agent injected for cotton wool spots removing process

Run for 10 minute at 50 C

Finally Unload the Fiber

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