The Dryer Box

The Dryer Box is a machine, which is used to dry the collar & cuffs. This drying function can be defined as a process in which the collars are equally hung in improvise carrier and let be heated by circulation of air in a Box chamber.

Process Requirements of Dryer Box

  • Equipment used
  • Following equipment are used for drying process:
  • Four trolley (specially design)
  • One rolling rod to roll the collar & cuffs (after dry)
  • Temperature controller sensor
  • Temperature display device (digital)
  • Machine stoppage timer device (with alarm)
  • Machine operating panel board
  • Exhaust & fresh air ventilator device
  • Machine operational observation device (graphical)
  • Key Accessories


  • Following Do’s and Don’ts are to be followed during operation:
  • Do not wear loose dress that may entangle with the machine parts while running.
  • Always wear rubber shoes.
  • Be aware of the first aid treatment procedure.
  • Don’t touch the electrical wire.
  • Always wear hand gloves (during operation)

Dryer Box Operation Procedure

  • Operation Staff
  • Operation stuffs of Finishing Process includes :
  • Manager
  • Textile Technologist / Production Executive
  • Production Co-ordinator
  • Operator
  • Assistant Operator

Dryer Box Installation Process

The Dryer Box Installation Process as follows :

Machine ParametersSet-up Value
Temperature Setting(100-120)0C for White Shade


(120-130)0C for Light Shade

(130-140)0C for Dark Shade

(150-170)0C for Curing

Machine Time/SpeedAuto
Exhaust Fan SettingAuto

Checklist Before Operation

  • Before drying the Collars and Cuffs in the Dryer Box the Operator must perform the following items:
  • Heat up the machine before loading collars & cuffs
  • Check the exhaust & fresh air devices if working properly.
  • Check the steam valve for open position.
  • Set the trolleys’ protection screen firmly.
  • Check the machine doors whether they are properly locked or not.
  • Check the graphical device if working properly.

Operation Procedure

At first, hang the collars & cuffs by passing in a series of mini-roller arrangement. If all available rollers of trolley are filled up then load the trolley in the machine. Set the temperature by using the temperature regulator noting the required temperature in the program. Switch on the blower for circulation of hot air inside the machine. Hot air will circulate inside the machine and the evaporated water will be taken out by the exhaust opening (ensure that the exhaust ducting are properly opened). After the set running time is elapsed, attend the alarm and carefully open the machine door and check the dryness. The time and temperature setting can be increased if needed. When the loaded collars/cuffs are fully dry, they are unloaded by rolling it in specially designed roller and allow it for cooling, while the next load are being prepared.

Product Quality Check

Randomly check the product quality with the specification to ensure that the machine is not causing any defect.

Q.C. Sample Tests

After drying the collars & cuffs in Dryer Box, give two pieces of collars/cuffs of a batch to QC Lab to check the shade with body fabric.

Response to Equipment Faults

Following are the response to be taken in case of equipment fault of Dryer Box machine:

Machine FaultsResponse
Machine not runningElectrical Engineer should be called
Temperature Display problemElectrical Engineer should be called
Machine Stoppage Alarm ProblemElectrical Engineer should be called
Steam line problemMechanical Engineer should be called
Lower Motor problemElectrical Engineer should be called
Exhaust & Fresh air device problemMechanical Engineer should be called
Hanging Trolley ProblemMechanical Engineer should be called

Machine /Area Cleaning

  • The daily and weekly cleaning works for Dryer Box Machine are described below:
  • Clean the inside portion the machine daily
  • Clean the exhaust & fresh air devices daily
  • Clean the safety net daily that covers the blower fan (it is placed inside the machine).
  • Clean outer surface of the machine daily.
  • The Maintenance Department performs the preventive maintenance task as per the PM schedule. Refer to Maintenance Specification (Document No. 31-101) for details.

Applicable Forms & Documents

  • Forms & Documents Used
  • The necessary forms & documents for Dryer Box process are listed below :
  • Process Batch Card
  • Machine Downtime Report
  • Production Register of Dryer Box Machine
  • Document Flow
  • The document flow of Finishing Process is as follows :
  • Operator fills out the Batch Card  and the concerned officer put his signature on it upon verification. The Batch Card moves with the fabric for the next step of finishing process (e.g. Tubular Compactor, De-water, Drying or Slitting).
  • Machine Downtime Report  is maintained to keep record of any stoppage in production due to machine break down or any other reason. Operator fills this and the responsible officer sign on it upon verification
  • Production Register of Dryer Box Machine  is used to keep records of date wise production details. Operator fills this out along with his remarks (if any) and this report is recorded for future reference.
  • Attachments
  • Examples of all applicable forms and documents are attached for
  • Know more about The Dryer Box Installation Process
Dr. Piterson, John Knit Factory, South Africa