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Manpower Status:

To see whether the existing manpower is within the approval range. …


  • The applicant must fill in the application form Both the candidate and the authority must put their signature.
  • Medical certificate endorsed by Medical officer
  • National ID or Nationality Certificate to identify age and nationality
  • Grievance handling & Counseling:
  • The unit must have a grievance register
  • The problem or complaint must be solved.
  • Action Time must be mentioned (on which date the action was taken)
  • A  Grievance Handling Database can be prescribed  (a specimen is attached herewith):
  • Serial number
  • Date of incident
  • Grievance Type
  • Area name where the problem occurs
  • Name of the employee who made the complaint (s).
  • Name and ID of the employee against whom the complaint is made
  • Problem description
  • Witness if any
  • Target date of problem solving
  • Actual date of problem solving
  • Solution description
  • Signature of the concerned from HR dept.

Disciplinary Procedure:

  • It must be followed according to labor law
  • Show-cause letter issue with minimum 7 days time given for explanation
  • Enquiry if required.
  • Warning/Punishment
  • Action must be taken within 60 days.
  • The following order must be followed in preserving the documents:
  • warning / punishment letter or the like
  • Enquiry report
  • Enquiry statement
  • Explanation letter
  • Show-Cause letter


Buyer takes a very serious view towards the industry’s social accountabilities and therefore requires all our vendors and factories to comply with our Social Compliance requirements.  Buyer evaluates its factories to determine if they are meeting our customers’ social compliance requirements.  There are three ratings given to any social non-conformance in a factory and they are: –

Zero Tolerance (ZT)

Immediate Action (IA)

Continuous Improvement (CI

Zero Tolerance (ZT)

When a Zero Tolerance (ZT) rating is given to a new factory, Buyer will not proceed in placing orders business with that factory. In the event that the factory is already an existing supplier to Li & Fung, an exit strategy will be put in place and all business will cease thereafter.   Some examples of areas requiring Zero Tolerance (ZT) are: –

Factory currently under a lawsuit by any party

Factory that practices illegal trans-shipment

Factory that falsifies documents (i.e. time cards in contradiction to production records)

Factory not granting access to a Buyer evaluator to all records, workers and areas of the factory

Factory using Child Labor, prison, forced, indentured or bonded labor

Factory practicing Corporal Punishment or Sexual Harassment of workers

Factory operating without a legal permit and/or export license

HIV Training:

  • The participants in a period (three months) must be maximum
  • The documents should be preserved chronologically.
  • The photocopy of the documents must be very clear and in good shape.
  • There must be signature of the participating workers.