Textile Machine

Auto Garments Ltd. is committed to do proper maintenance of all equipment’s and machine to ensure product safety, legality, quality and business continuity


To ensure quality, product safety, productivity and buyers satisfaction


  1. We check the Machine and maintenance the equipment which are critical to product safety, legality, quality and business continuity like all types of sewing machines, band knife & straight knife machine, auto cutter, grabber, needle detector machine
  2. We do the preventive maintenance of those equipment or machines weekly basis. For this we have preventive maintenance plan and keep record of actual status
  3. If we find any equipment and machine not operating within specified tolerances or limit; we call internal respective maintenance personal to fix the problem. He fix’s the problem immediately
  4. For sensitive or high tech machines like auto cutter, Garber, needle detector, generator and compressor; we call immediately to the suppliers, engineer and fix the problem as soon as possible
  5. Management will review this procedure and change if necessary once a year. Incase of any requirement change; we will also change and update the policy.
  6. We’ll inform / trained up the relevant employee about this.
  7. All relevant documents will be kept properly

Preventive Maintenance Procedure

Objective: To ensure the machine is in good condition by servicing and giving a good preventive maintenance.


  1. Lubricate Machine As Per Standard Level. And Remove Needles In All Idle Machines.
  2. All Safety Guards Must Secure and Functioning Correctly.
  3. Replace Defective and Damage Parts,
  4. Change Machine Oil At Last with in 3 Month.
  5. Maintain the Cleanliness of the Machine At All lines, And Replace Missing Parts or Machine accessories upon notice.

Responsible Person:

  1. Line Mechanic
  2. Maintenance Manager

Machine and Equipment Calibration

Purpose: To ensure our Machine Equipment are in good condition and it serve the purpose correctly.

  1. Machine should be calibrated after one year of using.
  2. We calibrated all our machine equipment before the expiration date.
  3. If the machine is not working correctly we send for service or for repair to ensure this works properly.
  4. We keep calibration records for all Generator machines and equipment for our reference.

Machine Parts Control Procedure

  1. Replace Only Nonfunctional, Damage, and Defective Machine Parts.
  2. Damage Parts Must Be Replaced With The Correct Machine Parts Number.
  3. All Machine Parts, Accessories, Guides and Folders, Found Scattered in Production LineMust Be Return Back to Store Room.
  1. Mechanics, Line Supervisors and Operators Should Not Kept Any Machine Spare parts On Their Fool Bags and Drawers.
  2. Store Keeper Should Monitor All Spare Parts Consumptions, Especially Fast Moving Parts.Always Check And Update Remaining Or Maintaining Balance In Every Part.
  3. In Replacing spare parts, Specially Sewing Hook, Maintenance In charge Will Decide If Parts Is Still Useable or Not. Because Most Cases, Shorter Hook Point Can Be Used In Short Zig Zag Sewing Operations. (Or Hook And Eye Operation).

Equipment found not Operating

Objective: The purpose of this procedure is to establish a system where the department has the easy trace ability for the equipment found not to be operating within the specified tolerance and or limits.

Machine In not Tolerance

  1. Not complete machine functional parts and machine attachments.
  2. Machine that always on breakdown or machine trouble.
  3. Not correct machine folders and guides.
  4. Machines, without available local parts and local service / calibration.
  5. Dirty or untidy machines and missing, broken, & damage parts.