TESCO Technical Audit Document list

TESCO Technical audit Document

  • Factory rules (including induction training programme for new joinees)
  • Employment records with Age proof or doctor certificate; labour contract
  • Any workers union; workers committee (welfare; fire safety; discrimination & harassment)
  • Training Program, Training plan, Training records (induction training, On-job training, Needle/ Sharp Tools control training, Fire prevention training, Health and Safety training, etc)
  • Quality Manual (including quality policy)
  • Document control procedure (Relevant law and Regulations control procedure)
  • Management review procedure and Management review reports of the most recent 2 months
  • Internal lab facility to check minimum buyer requirements (like gsm; shrinkage; etc) & procedures
  • Risk Assessment (Pest/ Glass/ Scissors/ Blades/ Needle/ Awl/ microorganism/ Heavy metal/ Blood stain/ fustiness etc) and Key controlling point procedure
  • Glass control procedure (including testing equipment dial plate, tube light, window glass, etc)
  • Equipment and machinery list, equipment maintaining procedures, plan and records
  • Metal detection procedure and sharp tools control procedure (broken needle, band-knife broken blades, trimmers, scissors, hand sewing needles, etc
  • International and national Product safety Law and Regulation (if applicable)
  • Research and Design & Development control procedure (if applicable)
  • Supplier selection; Approved supplier list; Evaluation of supplier and Purchasing order
  • Supplier approval procedure and supplier assessment reports
  • Certificate of analysis of Raw materials (fabric; button; zippers, etc)
  • Fabric / In-line / Final Inspection procedure and reports
  • Non-conforming / rejected products control procedure
  • Procedure and reports for Corrective action taken (including supplier assessment; internal audit; in-process and customer complaint handling etc)
  • Customer complaint handling procedure and records
  • Customer requirements; specifications and approved sample in all the places (production supervisor; QC)
  • Business License
  • management structure chart/ Organisation chart
  • Building permit (Building stability certificate) / Fire service inspection certificate
  • ISO 9001/ ISO 14001 certificate or other certificate
  • wastes (Solid wastes; sewage, gas) discharge permit, Environment inspection certificate
  • Production Flow chart
  • International / national standard and requirements (MIL STD 105-E = AQL level / measurements tolerance / fabric inspection procedure [if applicable] for each and every buyer requirements)
  • Pest control procedure and records of baits usage
  • Metal detector (where applicable) calibration procedure and calibration records
  • Broken needle. Needle replacement controlling procedure and records (atleast the most recent one year records for garment factory)
  • Button pulling test report (for garment factory)
  • Product release procedure for all the department (knitting, dyeing, finishing, cutting, sewing, QC control, ironing, packing, final inspection) and records
  • Definition of “Incident” and “Product Recall” Procedures.
  • Test equipment calibration equipment claibration ure for all the department (knitting, dyeing, finishing, cutting, sewing, QC control, ironing, packing, fiprocedure and records (weighing machine, GSM cutter, measurement tape, etc) – Internal or external calibration records)
  • (if applicable) Sub-contractor assessment procedure and records (embroidery, printing, washing, etc)
  • (if the factory has canteen facility) Hygiene permit and Health certificate
  • SEDEX membership
  • Independent 3rd party ethical assessment reports.
  • Fire drill records and Fire escaping procedure
  • Employees health check records and accident records
  • Medical staff certificate & contracts (if any)
  • Environmental policy; Environmental objective and Assessment reports
  • Work environment cleaning procedure and plan
  • Personal Hygiene standard (to be added with induction training programme itself for new joinee)
  • Job responsibilities of each level of staff

List of required Documents for factory Evaluation.

  • Training schedule & record (Job training /Health & Safety)
  • Internal audit record
  • Disposal policy/record
  • Quality Manual
  • Needle/Blade Control register
  • Customer Feedback
  • Factory Profile
  • Factory Organo-Gram Chart
  • QA department organogram chart
  • Factory work follow chart/Manufacturing flow chart.
  • Test equipment record
  • Rejected/Faulty goods record/Register
  • Complete order executing flow
  • Inline inspection & corrective action plan
  • Pre final/Final inspection system & record
  • Machine maintenance record
  • Calibration record (Metal detector/Measuring tape/other measuring equipments)
  • Total work force
  • Production record
  • Machinery List
  • Fabric Inspection report
  • Shade band/GSM/Shrinkage test record

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