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Installing FLEXid Number for Lectra Flexlm License Server

FLEXid Number for Lectra Flexlm License Server

FLEXlm HOSTID Lectra software is used for making sewing pattern, vogue patterns, mccalls patterns, simplicity patterns, butterick patterns and others necessary pattern according to buyer requirments.  We are trouble shooter of fashion industrial software like Willcom, Barudan, Lectra, Gerber, iEcho, Lectra Plotter I Manager Software, Datacolor, Shedomaster, Batch, Qc etc. Lectra products have FLEXlm …

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Lectra Modaris Clothing Patterns Software Installation

Lectra Modaris

Lectra  Modaris V7R2 Before installation this software FLEXlm licenses manager is mandatory to complete the installation. If we install lectra modaris V7R2 some necessary modaris lectra software will install at a time. Other necessary lectra softwares are Modaris V7R2 and Documentation, Modaservice V7R2, ButtonBox V1.1, Digitizer V2.1 and JustPrint V2R2. Close …

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