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Sales Contract Template for Ready Made Garment Factory

SALES CONTRACT                                                                                         CONTRACT No.: SSPR/02/12-15                                                                                                                                                  DATE: 30.06.2019 AS AGREED BETWEEN BOTH THE PARTIES M/S.RAAA INTERNATIONAL,INDIA, BENEFICIARY (hereinafter referred to ‘PRINCIPAL’) AND AUTO FASHIONS LIMITED, BANGLADESH, MANUFACTURER AND AGENT (hereinafter referred to ‘VENDOR’) ARE HEREBY AGREED TO CONTRACT FOR JOB WORKING (CMT–CUTTING/MAKING/TRIMMING) …

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Delivery of The Exported Goods Direct to Consignee

Exported Goods Direct to Consignee To The Managing Director Speedmark transportation ltd Landmark Building Gulshan North Commercial Area Dhaka, Bangladesh Sub: Delivery of the exported goods direct to consignee/notify party without Bank Endorsement of the Consignee bank. Dear Sir, Through your hawb No. SMT BD-75566640. We have exported some readymade …

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General Conformity Certificate Cover Letter

General Conformity Certificate General Conformity Certificate – As the associated testing with this product under the respective Autogarment protocol is an audit of the product to the requirements; it is the submitter’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with all required regulations or standards This General Conformity Certificate is and …

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