Delivery of The Exported Goods Direct to Consignee

Exported Goods Direct to Consignee


The Managing Director

Speedmark transportation ltd

Landmark Building

Gulshan North Commercial Area

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sub: Delivery of the exported goods direct to consignee/notify party

without Bank Endorsement of the Consignee bank.

Dear Sir,

Through your hawb No. SMT BD-75566640.

We have exported some readymade garments/goods to U.K. on against L/C No.  547933233500998 date: 07.10.2015

Being the exporter of the goods we are in serious need to supply the goods to the ultimate buyer of the goods whose name appears in the Consignee/Notify Party of your AWB. We hereby request you to deliver the goods directly to the Consignee/Notify Party without Bank Endorsement of the Consignee Bank on the AWB.  We hereby confirm to you that you shall suffer no sequences because of these actions.  Even if the local bank raise any objection about non-receipt of export proceeds thru their bank, at any time, about the matter, we shall be fully responsible to settle the matter with the bank.  We shall never bring any claim against you or your airlines because of your action as per our instruction.  In the event you shall not suffer any claim of civil or criminal nature for your actions which are requested by us from anybody, including the consignor and the consignee Banks, we shall indemnify you against all losses, including the consequential losses, that you have suffered.  Further, we shall pay you all the incidental expenses that you spent related with such actions against you, if any.

Yours sincerely,

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