What is CCTV?

The garments and textile should have hidden surveillance cameras & security systems – cctv – close circuit camera for everyone ranging from a small home security system to a large or multi site enterprise security system. Today security cameras are the necessary tool when trying to protect your home or business. Now a days it is proven to reduce crime as well as provide vital visual evidence in the unfortunate event of a crime.

dvr security system

Remote Hidden Surveillance Cameras: 

In order to view the CC Camera from network it should be connected to a LAN/WAN or internet. The network setup should be configuring according to standard IP block. You may enable DHCP both for server and router. We should set both IP and port number in DVR. After configuring DVR we can use browser e.g. Internet explorer, opera, firefox, google chrome to access the DVR system. Now a days hidden surveillance cameras are very famous

Configure DVR Security System LAN / WAN

  1. First Access to the network option
  2. Then input IP address. E.g.
  3. Then configure subnet mask. E.g.
  4. Then input Gateway. E.g.
  5. After that enter preferred DNS Server IP. E.g.
  6. After that enter secondary DNS Server IP. E.g.

We provide IP Camera Viewer:

  1. IP Security Camera
  2. IP cam viewer
  3. CCTV Security Camera
  4. IP camera viewer
  5. IP Security Camera
  6. Webcam software
  7. Network Video Recorder
  8. Digital Video Recorder – dvr
  9. Cctv footage
  10. Security Camera

IP Camera Viewer 1

  • Model No : AVM-328B
  • Brand Name: AVTECH, Taiwan
  • Mega Pixel IR Dome 3-Axis IP Camera,
  • Micro Sd Card (Upto 64GB Support) POE 1/3″ HR Sony Image Sensor
  • Network Camera..
  • Network: H.
  • 264/MPEG-4/ MJPEGCCD, IR Led 12,
  • 10 M Lens:f3.8mm/F1.5,
  • Illumininator 0.
  • 1Lux/F1.5, IP66.

IP Camera Viewer 2

  • Model No : AVM428B
  • Brand Name: AVTECH
  • Taiwan
  • 2Mega Pixel 1080P HD IR Dome Smart Recording To Reduce Hard Disk
  • Storage 1/2.9″ SONY H.R. image sensor.0.1 Lux / F1.5, 0 Lux (LED ON).
  • Network:H.264/MPEG-4/ MJPEGCCD, IR Led 12,
  • 10 M Lens:f3.
  • 8mm/F1.5,
  • Illumininator 0.1Lux/F1.5, IP66.

IP Camera Viewer 3

  • Model No : AVM-265
  • Brand Name: AVTECH
  • Taiwan
  • IR HD Night Vision IP Camera,1/3″ HR Sony Image Sensor Networ
  • Network:H.264/MPEG-4/ MJPEGCCD,
  • IR Led 56,
  • 40 M Lens:f6.0mm/F1.4,
  • Illumininator 0.1Lux/F1.5, IP67.

IP Camera Viewer 4

  • AVH-316
  • Brand Name: AVTECH
  • Taiwan
  • AVTECH 16 CH ( NVR)
  • Video out: VGA ,BNC,
  • E-sata port yes
  • storage: 2 HDD-4TB=8TB

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About Us:

WAN IT LTD is a professional web design company providing web development solutions for corporate or individuals interested in outsourcing their web design and web application development according to customer needs. Operated by values and founded on strong white hat business ethics, WAN IT LTD has a unique space among 100’s  of so-called Professional Web Development, surveillance cameras & security systems and Web Design Companies. Total  digital  video  recording  system  that  provides  continuous  CCTV  recording,  archiving  and  debriefing capabilities  that  meets  the needs of today’s demanding security environment. CCTV  Surveillance  Systems Since it’s inception, We have successfully installed CCTV Systems across various industries and  types  of  environments

Webcam Software: 

DVR security system have built in webcam software. We can buy customized webcam software from different supplier. We can view a lot of records by webcam software of dvr. We can view monthly record, we can view hourly report and we can view other types of report. At first install dvr security system hardware’s before installing webcam software.

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