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23 Apr 2024, 2:14 PM

Hosting: Please create the following TXT record for the ar.hadisquran.com subdomain to verify the domain name ownership:
Name: ar | Type: TXT | Value: Domain verification

I allowed the domain usage on my end.

Yes, since the domain is registered with a third-party registrar, it can not be verified automatically.

The chat ID is NC-LR-3824. (Ashok N.) 21 May 2024, 4:32 PM

So, please kindly add a third nameserver for your domain. Third nameserver- dns1.web-hosting.com

Gokulakannan M (Here is the chat ID – NC-MI-1087)

To point a domain to the hosting only the A record is enough.

Here is your server IP –

Now Add Addon/Subdomain in Namecheap