Subcontractor Scan Questionnaire

General Safety, Health and Workplace Conditions
1 Are overall conditions of the workplace and the production facility safe for workers and do not harm
their health and life?
2 Are electric connections, wires and fuse boxes protected and properly attached to prevent fire and
3 Is there fresh air at the workplace?
4 Is room temperature acceptable? (If available, insert hear stress factor ________)
5 Do workers have enough light to work?
6 Are emergency exits and escape routes clearly marked?
7 Are exits, escape routes and working places unblocked and unlocked?
8 Is proper and immediate medication assured?
9 Do workers receive training on how to react in case of evacuation or medical emergency?
10 Do workers have access to enough clean and potable water?
11 Is the workplace generally clean?
12 Are clean and sufficient toilets for workers available and accessible at any time?

Working Time and Compensation

13 Does transparent documentation exist on
14 Do workers receive the legal minimum wage for regular work?
15 Are wages paid on a regular basis (monthly/weekly/daily)?
16 Do workers receive payment in monetary value?
17 Does transparent documentation exist on working hours?
18 Is regular working time generally within 48 hours plus a maximum of 12 hours of overtime per week?
19 Do workers have at least one day off after six consecutive days of work?

Child Labour

20 Are all workers at least 15 years old? (Please indicate number present at visit ______ )
21 Do all young workers (15 -18 years) have a fitness certificate from a certified doctor indicating
permission to work? (If not applicable, please mark N.A.)
22programs? (If not applicable, please mark N.A.)

Forced Labour and Dignified Working Conditions

23 Can workers enter and leave the workplace by their free will?
24 Can workers resign from their work at any time as per contract/legal regulations?
25 Does the overall working atmosphere seem respectful and free of signs of physical or psychological
threats or pressure?
26 If workers sleep at the workplace: Do they sleep in another room than the production site?
(If not applicable, please mark N.A.)
27 Is the sub-contractor generally cooperative?