Store Keeper Job Responsibilities

Store Keeper Job

Store Keeper Job – My main purpose is to contribute successfully to the organization and do so in such a way, that the company is able to recognize my worth. I am certain that I will prove my worth in all management & I undertake, for I believe I have the experience to work in Store (Procurement to Export & import) and knowledge in computing that will assist me to carry out my job successfully. We sale Inventory Tracking System Software & Inventory Management Tools

Store Keeper Job List

  • Raise GRN at the time of receiving goods in stores.
  • Compare Invoice/Packing list/ Purchase Order as receiving materials.
  • Materials Issue
  • Day to day update of stock through MR, GRN, Material Return in Excel file & CT Inventory Management Software
  • Update Bin card in daily basis.
  • Physical reconciliation of stock balance in every weekend and month end by a systematic way
  • Update of Movement file.
  • Update stock report in time like Raw materials, Semi finished, Finished, Consumable, Spare parts & Stationary etc.
  • To organize & stacking in-house goods & keep its identified area.
  • Keep all store related documents in easy & accessible identified area.
  • Good housekeeping in respective area.
  • Purchase local items from local supplier end of the month.
  • Purchase foreign goods (collection pi, make PO, confirm eta)

English literacy rate: From different sources, it has been learnt that, English literacy rate in Bangladesh is less than one percent. Whereas, English literacy rates in India and Pakistan are 60% and 20% respectively. There is a strong correlation between English literacy and ICT development in the present context of globalization. In the arena of ICT English has become the Lingua-Franca. On the other hand, we have not localized Bengali in the domain of computing. Hence, English literacy is a must for our ICT development. Unfortunately, in this case our position is the worst in the sub-continent.

 For making a digital Bangladesh by 2021, the government must address the above stated issues effectively and efficiently in transparent manners. In many cases we need to reformulate our national policy (e.g. education policy, ICT policy) in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals. In reformulating the ICT policy, we will need to take a pragmatic and visionary approach so that it can curb the prevailing digital gap in the society. Moreover, the journey towards a digital Bangladesh needs the incorporation of the technologically solvent innovative younger generation. If the leaders of our country objectively guide this generation, they can do wonder for the nation. After all, the young generation always looks forward and they can help bring about positive changes in the society.

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