Stock and Inventory Management

Stock and Inventory Management System Software is very essential for any organisation. This software name is WP Inventory Manager developed by WP Inventory Manager. It is free. For extended service you can buy some Add-Ons from Inventory Manager directly. We will help you to install and configure it.  For any queries, please Contact Us.

Stock and Inventory Management Features

  • Supports multiple product categories
  • Fully customizable product labels
  • Templating system makes product customization easy
  • Choose the fields you want to use and label them as needed
  • Uses separate database tables for better and faster database access
  • Developer friendly with hooks, filters, as well as utility functions

Free Version Settings and Configuration


Create Category: At first you can create a new category like below screen

List Category: After creating the categories it will show like below screen

Stock and Inventory Management System Software

Edit Label

We can edit Label buy clicking Edit button. A screen shot given below –

Edit Label


We can change status of products. We can hide and unhide the active products and inactive products


General Setting

Setting 1
General Setting 2
General Setting 2


Add-Ons need to purchase from online

  • Advanced Inventory Manager
  • Import and Export
  • Ledger
  • Reserve Cart
  • Bulk Item Manager
  • Advanced User Control
  • Location Manager
  • Advanced Search
  • Per Item Low Quantity Notifications