Garment Labels

Garment labels  is a small pice of paper, plstic, or other material, for labeling garments for attachment to something to indicate its manufacturer, nature,ownership, destination, etc.

Get The Label Types:

There are different types of garment labels like white label, black label clothing is found in market. Get the label types given below with brief description –

  1. Direct Thermal Labels
  2. Thermal Transfer Labels

Direct Thermal Sticker Label:

Direct Thermal printers use a chemically treated material that blackens when the thermal print head applies heat to the surface of the material. This type of printer requires no ink, toner, or ribbon to apply print to the garment labels surface. Direct thermal printers cannot make color print to get the labels

Thermal Transfer Sticker Label

Thermal Transfer printers require a ribbon to apply print to the labels surface. A thermal print-head applies heat to the ribbon, which in turn melts ink on to the labels surface to create the printed image according to specified format. Generally ink is absorbed into the labels material. Thermal Transfer print a very high print quality and durability when compared to other types of printing methods. Another advantage to thermal transfer printers is the ability to print a logo, graphic or text in color using a higher-end printer is used for labelling

Example of Clothing Tags :

clothing tags
Clothing Tags

Barcode Labels Of Products That Do Not Have Size And Range Information:

In product groups that are manufactured without sizes (ties, headscarves, etc), 53*85 mm barcode labels which do not include size and fit information can be used.

Barcode Labels
Barcode Labels

The information to be included in barcode labels without sizes: Name of product, barcode, colour (with Tema colour code in Turkish and the foreign language), special code 1, line code, line name, equipment ID (wall – table – fixture – chino – jean), merch sub group, cash price, instalment price

White Discount Label And Red Discount Label:

Discount labels used for in-store price

arrangements by buyers are divided in two as White or Black Label clothing and Red Labels. These labels are printed as stickers with the help of printers in stores and / or PDA’s.

White or Black Label Clothing: This is the type of sticker used during non-sale periods (price arrangements within the season) by buyer (46 mm * 50 mm).   Less than 25% discounts will be made using white labels where the discount rate is not shown in a red square.

Black Label Clothing
Black and White Label Clothing

The information to be included in discount labels: The first instalment price (crossed out), the first cash price (crossed out), barcode, name of product, special code 1, colour (with Tema colour code), line code – line, discount rate, discounted cash price, discounted instalment prices

Garment Labels Procedure Department Wise :

The aim of this procedure is to standardise barcoded price labels which are used in products of LC Waikiki Magazacilik brands. This procedure covers all the products sold in domestic LC Waikiki Magazacilik stores. Marketing, Buying, Sourcing, IT, Purchasing, Labelling Compliance, Product Return Logistics, and Inspection Departments

garment labels
Garment label

Marketing Department: Preparing the designs (on the sides where logos are) on the labels which should be attached to products.

Labelling Compliance Department: Evaluating requests received from other departments about garment labels and amending the procedure if necessary.

IT Department: Preparing the necessary software in order to print the information that should take place on the labels in the desired format.

Purchasing Department: Supplying garment labels for orders that are produced domestically in the sizes and with the visual quality determined through this procedure.

Buying and Sourcing Department: Informing Manufacturers that we work with about the label format whose standards have been determined for manufactured products and making sure that labels at desired standards are used.

Product Return Logistics Department: Monitoring department codes on garment labels and making the required changes if necessary.

Inspection Department: Checking whether the label format outlined in this procedure is used in all the products supplied from Far East and the domestic market. Informing the related departments about any noncompliance there may be.


Material: 300 gr dull coated paperboard / 25 Micron cellophane coating

Size: Width 53 mm X Length 105 mm (For products which do not include any information about size / range: Width 53 mm X Length 85 mm)

Colour Front Face:

  • LC WAIKIKI Pantone; 287C, 159C, 1945C
  • X-SIDE Pantone; 287C, 159C, 1945C, 116C, 425C
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