What is Stalwart Machine
What is Stalwart Machine

What is Stalwart Machine? Wool Washed and Drying

Stalwart Machine

The print head of the stalwart machine consists of up to four print rollers, which run in troughs containing a thin print paste with the caret pile to be printed being pressed against the upper surface of the print roller from behind. The print rollers are arranged at 45 to the vertical one above the other. Maximum running speed is about 6m/min.The individual print rollers consist of steel centered wooden bowl on the surface of which is mounted the design. The design is cut from thick rubber covered with a nylon or polyester pile. Read about Rotary-Screen Printing Machine

Limitation of the Stalwart machine:

As the narrowest rubber strip that can be mounted on the roller about 4 mm wide. The machine has however proved ideal for the production of the so called shadow-printed effects on the long pile carpets, which have remained in fashion for many years.


Mainly it is used yarn wool (raw material). Most of the yarn used in ring yarn, acrylic yarn, synthetic yarn etc. These yarns are collected from Narayangong. The yarns are buying by a lot system and this lot gets different types and color of yarn.

To produce carpet use the frame of wood, bamboo and iron rod etc.And also use different instrument like kamana, golla, panga (reed) etc.

They are also used some specialized yarn shanel yarn, smaglin yarn etc.

Wool Washed and Drying:

Wool is one kind of natural fiber. So, different types of impurities involved in wool yarn. If we remove impurities the final product will fine. So we have to washed and dry the wool.

Objective of Wool Washed and Drying:

To remove the impurities from yarn.

To remove oil y properties of yarn.

To increase soft handling properties.

To suitable for the next process carding.


It also done by manually. In Egypt, Malaysia, also Bangladesh carpet manufactured by manually:

First have to mix the detergent into water at a bath.

Then drops the yarn into bath.

Stirling the yarn in to water by any stitch.

Then dry the yarn by sunlight.


This is the process of spinning where it is functions are to separated align and delivery the fiber in a sliver form and remove impurities.

Objective of Carding:

Opening to individual fibers.

Elimination of impurities and dust.

Elimination of impurities Short fiber.

Fiber blending.

Fiber orientation


The process by which convert of fiber to yarn.

Objective of Spinning of carpet:

By spinning 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ply yarn can be produced.

Cost analysis of Carpet:

           We don’t know about foreign carpet yarn cost due to barrier of project. But we know imported carpet cost from new markets shop. In Bangladesh there have some carpet manufacturer. We visited Millat camp, Society handicrafts. We collected some yarn cost from them. Some cost analysis is given below,

Yarn Cost per kg
TC 320tk
Jute 150tk
Wool 500tk
Acrylic 370tk
Smarkling 450tk

Cost difference in Local Carpet and Imported Carpet:

Carpet Types Local Carpet/sqft Foreign Carpet/sqft
Twist Carpet 120tk 90tk
Balika Carpet 110tk 70tk
Tapestry Carpet 130tk 100tk
Maya Design 85tk 70tk
Mozaik Design 95tk 70tk
Diamond Design 90tk 65tk
Leaf Design 110tk 90tk

Difference between properties of Foreign and Local Carpet:

Properties Foreign Carpet Local Carpet
Market price reasonable higher than local carpet
Quality high lower than Foreign Carpet
Outlook Very fine lower than Foreign
Durability better good
period of making time Less more time

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