Ceramic Hot Plate

• Ceramic Hot Plate – Sensor for medium temperature control
• Rpm range from 0 to 1500 rpm
• Max temperature of heating plate should be 550 °C
• Low temperature stability
• Heating Temperature display on LED
• Speed display
• Heating protection
• Maximum Stirring Quantity IOL


This procedure describes the manner of dealing with amendments to contracts whenever they occur. We sale Chemical Inventory Management System


This procedure applies to all contracts and Product Specifications.


The Merchandising Manager, Cutting Room Manager, Fabric Technologist & Pattern Technical Manager are responsible for ensuring this procedure is adhered to.


2.8.1 Contract Control

Any amendment on product specifications is received through e-mail from Head Office to the individual person who may concern.

2.8.2 Cost Sheet

Amendment of the costing sheets are recieved from head office to the cost accountant who then ensure to saved them on costing amedment folder in common drive as PDF format.

Once saved to the common drive, it may informe to relevant persons sendig a e-mail.

2.8.3 Pattern Amendments

Any pattern amendments to styles and new patterns are received to the Costing Marker Maker and copied to the Pattern Technical Manager.  It is the responsibility of Costing Marker Maker to ensure all relevant personnel receive the relevant information.