Pressure Bar

Description – Pressure Bar Detail
Type of test Dynamic Compression Loading
Bar Material 1 AL-7075
Bar Diameter 18mm
Incident Bar Length 1900mm
Transmitter Bar Length 850mm
Strike Bar Length Range 100,200,300,400,600 mm
Throw-Off Bar Length 1200mm
Guide Barrel Length 2600mm
Gas Gun Reservoir Volume 25 Liter
Gas Gun Reservoir Pressure 2 MN
Approximately System Dimension Width 600mm Height 1500mm Length 9000mm
Computer and Dynamic Signal Acquisition Package 4 Channels
Dynamic Strain Amplifier 2 Channels
Foil Strain Gage 20pcs



Fusing bond test is very important for fusible interlining. Before operation the machine must be calibrated according to required bonding pressure. Improper bonding strength is the causes many types of defects such as glue stain; bubble etc. So it is very important to verify machine belt pressure before machine use. Read more about High Pressure Water Pump sss


Use the tape in test kit and put into the claw of the bonding tester. When tape goes into the machine completely and rated the value from the scale. Hold the tape straight. Do the same procedure on the left, center and right of the machine.  The allowance from the left to the right side should be within 20% from the total value. Make sure that the distance between the bonding tester and the belt is always the same.