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Speed Frame

How Speed Frame / Roving Frame Yarn Spinning Machine Works

Speed Frame / Roving Frame:

Speed frame and roving frame machine is very similar. Roving frame is a textile machine is used in spinning to build roving. Based on the various types of fiberthe thickness of the roving.  These machines may varying in the working principle of the drafting devices, the dimensions of the flyers, spindles, and bobbins & the method of forming the roving High precision CCD of roving frame can detect the roving tension and feed back it to PLC for adjusting with the setting value ,then can get the best technical curve and realize the constant tension. It is the pre process of Ring Spinning Machine.

Closed Loop Control System for Yarn Spinning Machine :

It select advanced position control scheme of servo accuracy. The control system of yarn spinning machine including 10 inch Touch Screen ,PLC and Inverter.

Closed Loop Control System for yarn Spinning Machine
Closed Loop Control System

The four inverters of yarn spinning machine  can obtain the position signal of Flyer inverter and track the position synchronously, which to realize the reliable control of roving tension.


In Ring Spinning Department there are 3 speed frame

  • Make – ZINSER
  • Model – SAURER -681
  • Drafting system – 3 over 3
  • Spindle machine – 120
  • Draft – 5 (approx…)
  • Production – 1600 kg/shift
  • Efficiency – 85%

Labour – 5 Worker/3 m/c (2 training)

Technical Specification of Computerized Roving Machine :

Safety protection : The high power and low power  of computerized roving machine is separately distributed in the electric cabinet so reduce the disturbance. The three-phase motor utilizes the contactor + heat relay structure to avoid over-load short circuit.

CCD technical optimization : We have’ CD hardware and software design patent. CCD can check roving machine position and feedback data to PLC .then realize the optimization and memory of concerning process to make constant tension spinning.

ATM network interface : A TM network interface of computerized roving frame  is supplied to make a network of all the machines.

Intellectual alarm: Points distribution automatic alarming system of computerized roving frame  is utilized to register and record the alarming information. It has the advantages of wide-range alarm and showing accurate faults position. It can give detailed  diagnosis to the problem of the machine according to the historic alarm record.

Soft start function :The machine allows frequent inching operation to adjust the flyer angle when repiece the roving. It also has the function of fixed flyer position stop, spinning tops thus if the machine stop, the flyer can reach designated angle that make the doffing easy.

Anti-fineness function : When the machine starts or stops, the roving is easy to become thin at the twist cap position. We adjust the anti-fineness ratio to make the roving loose when machine starts or stops, so that the resistance is reduced to eliminate fineness.

Package rectification :Since the inertia of rail lift and down, the roving package shoulder is always become uneven. The machine can eliminate the unevenness by adjusting the rectification ratio.

Power off protection :No need to use storage battery or condenser. When the power off, the inverter can check the power off signal and use the inertia energy to make the motors stop steadily and synchronously to avoid fineness for spinning tops

Doffing at fixed roving length and position : Through the automatic counting of the computer to guarantee the arrival of the rail to the doffing location at the fixed roving length in order to guarantee the deviation of every doff within one meter.

Doff repiece length :Due to different roving machine type or other reason and spinning tops  the doffrepiece length is always too short. The machine can realize optimum repiece length through adjust doff repiece length ratio.

Extra twist system : When spin long fiber low twist roving, the breakage is easy occur at upper part of presser. Then the roving twist can be increased in doffing through setting such parameters to promote the roving strength in flyer path. The extra twist system guarantee the doffing breakage of the low twist fiber at presser position so as to improve the efficiency of doffing.

Fast reversing : The inverter can control the reverse of rail motor by utilizing corotation prior method to eliminate “stop” time at the time of reversing. In addition, the rail is drived by 3.0KW motor so that the reversing sen itivity is al 0 promoted and the temperature increasing time is shortened to prolong the service life of motor.

Bobbin drag prevention function : When begin to wind a new bobbin, the flyer speed is high but the bobbin weight is low, the bobbin is easy to be dragged by flyer. The winding speed can be reduced when rail reversing through setting such parameter to eliminate bobbin drag.

4-roller dual short apron drafting CNC Machine :

4-roller dual short apron drafting  cnc machine  is developed on the base of 3-roller dual short apron drafting. A collecting roller is added in the front and consists of a collecting area. Cnc machine  shift the collector into collecting area and make the drafting and collecting separate so as there is no collection in drafting area and no drafting in collection area.

4-roller dual short apron drafting cnc Machine
Apron Drafting

Since the collector is moved ahead, the length of roaming area is decteased, thus improve the roving quality. Chinese YI series drafting, German Suessen weighting arm, German TEXPARTS drafting is option.

Speed Frame Feature

  • Total draft should be around 10 for 4 over 4 drafting system.
  • Better to use floating condenser in front zone to reduce hairiness & diameter of roving.
  • Cots buffing should be done once in 2 months. Top roller run out to be checked & it should be nil. There should not be any compromise on top roller quality as it’s cost is negligible with compare to ring frame.
  • If possible it should be treated with surface treatment like treatment with Liqimix or treated with acid to reduce top clearer waste which is caused by top roller surface.
  • Twist Multiplier should be high enough to reduce stretch in Ring frame. Higher the T.M lower the classimat “H1” faults
  • If single speed for flyer is used, it is advisable to run less than 1000 rpm.
  • When speed frame bobbin is full, flyer speed should be less than 1000rpm. Otherwise surface cuts increase & thin places also increase.
  • False twisters should be changed once in 2 years. Variations in false twisters result in high count C.V%.
  • Roving tension should be as low & uniform as possible. The higher the roving tension, the higher the count C.V% & the more the thin places.
  • Density of all roving bobbins should be same. The higher the variation, the higher the count C.V%.
  • Break draft should be around 1.18 to 1.24 depending on type of drafting system & total draft.
  • Roving hank should be decided in such a way that ring frame draft is around 20-34 for different counts.
  • No sliver piecing or roving piecing from speed frame should be worked in Ring frame. All sliver piecing & roving piecing result in thin/thick yarn. Some times it is cut by clearer, but all yarn faults created by piecings are not cut by clearers.

Roller Transmission Parts of Speed Frame :

The helical gear of roller transmission of speed frame machine is made of high quality steel. The gear is grinded after high-frequency quenching so it has high precision and its transmission is steady.

Roller transmission parts of speed frame
Parts of Roller Transmission

Cleaning Speedframe Device:

The cleaning system of Speedframe  machine utilizes active rotation cloth up and bottom roller clearer, traveling clearer and suction air passage. The fly on surface and waste from bottom clearer is blew to the suction air passage then be sucked away.

Cleaning device of Speedframe
Cleaning Process

The traveling clearer sucks the waster on the cover of top clearer so that avoid the waste being wrapped into the roving. It can prevent the speedframe defect and reduce the labor of operators.

Feed device of Single Speed Frame:

The sliver feed device of speed frame uses overhead sliver guide. Aluminum alloy guide roller, static electricity painting guide roller and stainless steel guide roller are optional. The sliver guide and separator of single speed frame is made of cast plastic, smooth in surface. We can design different layout of sliver guide rollers according to the diameter of buyer’s sliver cans.

Feed device of Speed Frame
Feed Device

Each of our design can ensure reasonable layout of sliver cans and vertical rise of the sliver so as to reduce unexpected drafting for single speed frame. Roving frame machine is very similar to Simplex Machine

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