SOP for Electrical Management and Maintenance

SOP for Electrical Management and Maintenance

Electrical Management and Maintenance

Electrical Management and Maintenance


To describe the smooth generation, transmission, distribution and preventive maintenance procedure of electrical system for SFL-2. This guideline is applicable for SFL-2 factory, Electrical Engineering personnel who involve in this sector and have a large experience in operation and maintenance of Garments Factory Building. Process: Depend on machine wise.


Personal safety: Please don’t carry water, fire/fire box, salt, dust, inflammable materials, chemical and a biological agent at substation that could cause fire hazard or illness. The Engineer/Electrician should wear protective safety gear such as boots, gloves, apron, electrical safety glasses and earplugs to protect him or her from Electric shocks and other environmental hazards.

Machine safety: Please follow the installation/operational manual for particular machine and Locking/unlocking and tagging/un-tagging policy.

Energy Management:

Examples of how it is possible to save energy and costs with the help of maintenance:

  • Switching to electronic ballast and LED light. Use Energy star product with label.
  • Load management at launch time. Switching to servo motors machines.
  • Energy efficient motors to be used with synchronous belt instead of V-belt.
  • Motor input voltage shall be balanced, well lubrication & ventilation, right alignment, checks motor temperature and ventilation, appropriate load consideration need to be maintained. Use VVVF or VFD at motor for speed control & soft starting. Avoid idle running of any machine and motor.
  • Insulate pipes, valves and flanges correctly and use steam traps at steam line. Repair steam and compressed air pipe leakage.

 Electrical Waste Management:

  • Place the fluorescent lights/CFL/Battery back into their original containers or the package provided by the recycling company or waste disposal company. Label the box with “CFL/Fluorescent light/battery: hazardous waste.”
  • Tell everyone to leave the room; open windows, allowing the room to air out for about 15 minutes. Turn off any air conditioning or heat units in the storage area.
  • Deliver the fluorescent lights/CFL/Battery to Engineering Store/SFL-1 or Call your local recycling company or local hazardous waste Disposal Company and ask if they offer any fluorescent light disposal or recycling programs.
  • Inquire as to what kinds of fluorescent bulbs they take, as some will only accept bulbs that have burned out. Ask if there are any special boxes or labels you need to turn in your fluorescent tubes.

Methods of Electrical Maintenance:  

Electrical Drawing: Update factory’s single line diagram including earthing system, Electrical Drawing of HT, LT, PFI, MDB, SDB & SB. And machine layout drawing with proper dimension for the factory to be update as a when required.

Lightning Protection System: Update & check Lightning Protection system diagram with earth pit after a year. 

Earthing System: Ensure only one type of earthing system and also ensure separate earthing connection for Transformer, Generator, and Electrical System for your factory. Check & register earth resistance half yearly for all earth pits.

Electrical Preventive maintenance Log: Keep updating your preventive maintenance log i.g. Emergency & Exit light check monthly, Ceiling fan checking after 04months.

Cables loading: Ensure electrical cable is loaded not more than 75% of its loading capacity and prepare DB schedule half yearly.

Cable Connection/termination: Ensure that all the cable terminations/connections are tightened firmly. LT/MDB/SDB check quarterly. SDB, MDB, LT, HT, PFI, Cable rench/Tray/ladder: keep clean from dust and spider net. Cable trench/Tray/ladder check quarterly.

Electrical tools & Instruments: Ensure calibrated instruments and proper insulation for all the electrical tools used by factory electricians.

Insulation Resistance:  Insulation resistance test of all the cables must be performed once every two years cycle and recorded.

Thermo graphic scanning:  for entire electrical system must be performed on a biannual basis and recorded

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