Sock Abrasion Tester

This In House Test Method of sock abrasion tester describes the method of test in order to determine the sock in the stretched form to simulate wear conditions using a linear motion under a standard pressure. The correct number of test specimens are to be prepared and tested as specified within this test method in order to achieve a performance assessment of the product/fabric as described within the scope.

Sock Abrasion Equipment

  • Sodemat Sock Abrasion Tester.
  • Leg Formers.
  • Abrasive paper abradant, AO.P.1000.3M.314.
  • Foam backing
  • Elastic bands (1″ elastic strip with velcro ends).


  • Counter: electronic display 6 digits, automatic shutdown
  • Speed: 0-70 adjustable
  • Size: 30 × 43 × 30cm
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Accessories: 1 wrench, wheel 1 group, weight (250g, 500g, 750g) each 2. Vacuum cleaner 1
  • Taiwan.
  • Power: AC220V / 50HZ


The test specimens are to be conditioned in the standard atmosphere of 65% Relative Humidity (RH) +/- 2% and 20°C +/- 2°C for a minimum of 4 hours. All tests should also be carried out in this atmosphere.


One whole sock/test, two socks minimum to be tested. Tests are carried out at four different places on the sock (two on the sole and two on the leg (one either side of the reinforcement area).

Sock Abrasion Tester Procedure

  • Select the correct leg former as follows:  Sock size    6 – 8½  =39,     8 – 9½  =42,  One size and 10 – 12      =            44
  • Pull the abrasion tester onto the former and ease the abrasion tester into position by firmly pulling the sock down until the pick line is in line with the projected heel line of the former.  The sock should be central on the former as it would be on a wearer’s foot.
  • Secure the former on the machine on the leg position (see diagram 1).
  • Mount the previously prepared foam/abradant pad onto the slipper ensuring no creasing or sharp edges are present.
  • Position the slipper. by sliding along the bar, at the correct place for testing as required in the report.
  • Place the elastic holding bands 5cm apart with the slipper in the central area.
Sock Abrasion Test Procedure
Sock Abrasion Test Procedure
  • Preset the counter to 100 cycles.
  • Lower the slipper onto the sock and put the protective cover in position (Safety).
  • Start the machine.
  • After 100 cycles lift off the protective cover and slipper.  Brush off any loose fibre from the
  • test area and examine for wear (thinning, yarn breakdown, hole) in relation to the specified end-point (see Note 1).
  • Continue by repeating steps 8 – 10 until 500 cycles.
  • Replace foam/abradant pad and change every subsequent 500 cycles.
  • Repeat Steps 5 – 12 for the other leg position.
  • Repeat Steps 3 – 13 for the wear on the sole areas.
  • Repeat Steps 2 – 14 for the other sock by abrasion tester

Assessment/Results Of Tested Specimens

Record the number of cycles:

  1. a) when thinning occurs
  2. b) when hole appears.

Reporting Of Results

Report the mean of the two results for each area tested. The end-point is deemed to be when thread break-down creates a hole. Thinning is deemed to be when surface yarns have worn away, leaving the base structure intact. Sock abrasion tester is used in textile industry