Social Compliance Checklist

  1. Social Compliance Checklist
  2. Eating area is hygienic / clean
  3. Well ventilated
  4. Adequate drinking water supply
  5. Washing facility is available
  6. All utensils are clean and good condition
  7. Dinning kitchen are clean and tidy
  8. Canteen worker using musk, Hand Gloves, Cap, Apron
  9. All exits are Clearly marked
  10. Exits are Cleared Social Compliance Checklist
  11. Evacuation plan is posted in place
  12. Aisles Blocked
  13. Aisles Blocked by Machine
  14. Garments on the Floor
  15. Loose Cutter
  16. Waste Knife – Social Compliance Checklist
  17. Eye guard in all O\L M\C
  18. Gum boot using in the chemical area
  19. Musk using in all O\L M\c
  20. Provided musk
  21. Fire extinguisher has marking both wall & floor
  22. Exit secured with the hand rail/ stair
  23. All electrical panel are covered
  24. Fire alarm switch fixed in all exit
  25. Sands bucket/ water drum are properly filled in place
  26. Emergency light\IPS system installed in the floor, exits, stair walls comply with electrical dept. check list
  27. No fire hazards at the finished goods, fabric & other store.
  28. No electrical hanging wire in the passage or exits
  29. No damaged socked plug or switch
  30. Hand gloves
  31. Eye protection /wash point
  32. Exhaust Fan
  33. Proper MSDS
  34. Marked Aisles are clear
  35. Fabric Roll are kept Flat
  36. All Toilet clean & no bad smell
  37. Maintain Toilet cleaning log sheet
  38. Sufficient light & Exhaust available
  39. All Flasher are functional
  40. Soap & Towel available
  41. Basin for washing
  42. Floors are dry
  43. Door
  44. Exit, doors, stair and aisles are not obstructed.
  45. Main exit way are min. 48” wide
  46. All in line way are min. 36” wide
  47. All exit doors are open to out side during working hour.
  48. All shutter/collapsible gate & door using lock/locking device at opening position
  49. Fire extinguisher are in place
  50. Hose rill are in place
  51. Fire extinguisher\Hose rill is blocked
  52. All the pressure\Temperature indicator working
  53. Record maintaining for all pressure\Temperature indicator\ Fuel Consumtion
  54. All provided protection uniform\boots\gloves\glass
  55. Provided ear plug
  56. Is there oil leakage on floor
  57. Well ventilation \Fans\Exhaust
  58. Enough fire extinguisher
  59. First aid box
  60. All Social Compliance Checklist are important
  61. Injuries\accident log books are properly maintained.
  62. Root Cause Analysis
  63. Maternity follow up
  64. Rubber mat for iron man
  65. Needle guard set in all plain M\c
  66. All M\c have upper & lower pulley guard.
  67. Hanging wire in sewing M\c
  68. Safety guard in snap button M\c
  69. Mechanic/Carpenters Use PPE
  70. Fabric not kept in Aisles/ Floor.
  71. Sufficient pallets provided
  72. Smoke detector available in the fabric store, warehouse, 
  73. Separate area for chemical storage
  74. Chemical container are properly labeled & marked.
  75. Empty chemical container keeping separate area / Organized way/secondary container
  76. Secondary container for chemical
  77. MSDS Posted on chemical using area
  78. All Cutting Section worker using musk
  79. Cutter Man using musk &  metal gloves
  80. Exhaust fan
  81. Rows clearly marked
  82. Fusing Operator using Mask & Cotton Hand Gloves
  83. Contractor/ Suppler Use PPE
  84. Factory floors, Stairs and surroundings are clean
  85. No leakage in the drinking water tap.
  86. Drinking water is safe and clean
  87. All Floor and wall are neat and clean-no damped no cracks
  88. Waste material should be organized
  89. All Notice board and Picture be neat and clean
  90. All Fire extinguisher and fire equipment box with properly equipped & clean
  91. Use Vacuumed Cleaning
  92. Child care center in hygienic condition
  93. Provided adequate toys
  94. Floor mat provided as Social Compliance Checklist
  95. Toilet washing facility is there.
  96. Care taker is there designated
  97. Drinking water supply available
  98. First aid box is available
  99. First Aid box has sufficient medicine
  100. First aider has designated & Posted their photo
  101. Rubber Mat under Elect. DB

End of Social Compliance Checklist