Slub Yarn Attachment for Ring Spinning

Slub Yarn

  • Slub Yarn – Device should be appropriate for slub, multi-count and multi-twist yams. sss
  • Program feeding should be on machine and also through the computer software via USB.
  • Latest Computer interface must be included to control slub parameters through computer software.
  • Program lines should be minimum 100.
  • Minimum thickness of slub : 100%-500%.
  • Negative slub option should be included.
  • Slub ramp control should be included.
  • Slub length: 5mm-3000mm.
  • Pause length: lOmm- 3000mm.
  • Slub control through servo drive.
  • Energy Supply: 220/50 Hz.
  • For better process during slub formation on ring spinning, auto leveling on carding machine could be included.
  • LCD display for ring and attachment settings.
  • Compact Spinning system for 60 Spindles should be included.
  • Important accessories related to speeds, package, and environment monitoring could be included.
  • Dual core attachment for 120 spindles with all standard accessories must be included.

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