What is Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine?

We have needed one set Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine for Factory. Describe in below about this machinery with required system. 

Heavy Duty Oblique Type High Speed Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine with One Set Of Narrow (B) Flute Roller, Mounted on Roller Bearings  Gas Burner set, Gum Roller, Two Pre Heaters, and Counter Centralized Lubrication System complete with 7.5      HP Variable Frequency (Inverter) A.C. Drive Motor, Machine. Equipped with JUMMBO type Motorized reel Stand With 3HP Motor. Rotary reel to sheet cutter machine with PIV gear Box counter, delivery conveyer with Variable Frequency (Inverter) A.C. Drive Motor and master controller for synchronizing Speed of two motor.

What is Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine

Some Corrugation Machine

  • Utility (Gas Generator-390 KW
  • Diesel Generator-400 KW
  • Diesel Generator-80 KW
  • Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine- Fork Lift-01
  • Fork Lift-02
  • Auto ctn Unit
  • Manual Ctn
  • Top devider
  • Poly unit (blowing/print/cutting/Recycle
  • Offset Printing
  • Die cutting
  • Gum tape
  • Hanger
  • Ball press
Description of the works (Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine)
** Auto corrugation B/C Flute roller repairing from Taiwan
Manual CTN ** Manual CTN – Slotting / Creasing machine Knife -06 set perches(India) **Manual CTN machinery Knife sharp.
POLY **Poly Printing Machine Spare           Heater small 1.5 KW-10          Oil seal Green -400 pieces         Temperature controller-01 Pieces
** Poly Cutting          Punch Mold Mail/Femail-10 pcs           Treated Unit 2KV-02 set.           Spring (small/big)-04 set.           Solid state relay           Various type heater
** Blowing          Magnetic contact-24 pieces.         Die round heater- 08 pieces.          treated unit spare parts.(02 set)

Capital Corrugation Machine

Name of the Machine Country of Origin Using fo Section Approximate Price
Hook pasting Machine Made in Taiwan Use for Poly cutting 1200 US$
Puller Cutting Machine size :50″ Made in China Use for Die cut section 17500 US $
Screw compressor 30 KW Made in Germany Use for Auto ctn/Poly 12500 US$
Sloting Machine Made in China Use for Auto ctn 25000 US$
NC cutter system (with servo drive) Made in Germany but consul by China Jialong Pack machinery. Use Auto Ctn Jialong Pack Machinery 25000 US$
Jialong Pack Machinery Roller Made in China by Jialong Pack Machinery. Auto New Machine 100000 US$
    Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine Sub Total 181200 US$