Side Sealing Machine

What is Side Sealing Machine ? Mechanical Maintenance Process

What is Side Sealing Machine ? Mechanical Maintenance Process

What is Side Sealing Machine ? Mechanical Maintenance Process

Side Sealing Machine is process by which equipment is looked after in such a way that specific product quality required by the customers is sustained. This increases machine life and ensures trouble free services

Side Sealing Machine

There are mainly two types of Maintenance that are carried out by the Utility department. These are:

  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance schedules can be further classified as follows:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half-Yearly
  • Yearly
Frequency Side Sealing Machine Criteria
WeeklyCheck All Moving parts – side sealing machine


Check All Bearing – side sealing machine

Check -side sealing machine for Bearing Lubricating.

MonthlyCheck the Emergency switch system – side sealing machine


Check the Motor terminal Loose connection.

Check all mechanical system. – side sealing machine

Check the Heater terminal of  side sealing machine for short ckt.

Two MonthlyCheck and lubricate all bearing & revolving point with Grease.


Check all Moving parts.

Check all Heater Line.

Check all Gear Box .

Six MonthlyCheck the Machine safety system


Check and Refill Gear Oil (Gear Box) – side sealing machine

Check Electrical Equipment.

YearlyReplace the oil of the Gear box of reel.


Open Motor and check the Main Bearing, Electrical terminal and other component.

Check Electrical Equipment – side sealing machine

Machine Safety


  • Air hoses should be of correct size and suitable for the working pressure.
  • #Never use frayed, damaged or deteriorated hoses. When blowing through a hose or air line, we ensure that the open end is hold securely.
  •  #Never operate the unit when there is a possibility of taking in flammable or toxic fumes.
  •  #Never operate the unit at pressure below or more than its limit ratings
  •  #Never operate the unit at pressure below or in excess of its limit ratings as indicated on the principal data sheet.


  • Burner programmer with flame sensor provide flame failure safety.
  • The lavel switch of the level indicating controller is used for raising and audiovisual alarm when water level drops below set point, tripping the burner.
  • High Steam pressure is detected by a steam pressure switch. It puts OFF the burner giving visual alarm.
  • In case of low water condition in the boiler ,the flue gas temperature would go up. This would be sensed by flue gas temperature controller, tripping burner giving audio visual alarm.
  • The pressure switch provided in the gas train detects the high pressure condition & cuts OFF the burner sounding an audio visual alarm.
  • Boiler room is kept free from flammable gases.

Compressor Unit

  • Monthly Service Schedule
  • Motor greasing of Compressor
  • Moisture trap clean of inter-cooler & cooler
  • Water separator clean of air Dryer
  • Compressor motor Clean
  • Greasing of pump & Motor bearing, if necessary change bearing
  • Clean air – Filter.


Preventive maintenance of Side Sealing Machine refers to only a part of a good maintenance programs. It consists of routine actions taken in a planned manner to prevent breakdowns, cut operating cost and improve output quality of the product. Lubrication and Inspection are the two constituents of preventive maintenance.

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