Shop Keeper Duties and Responsibilities

Shop keeper duties

Shop keeper duties = We also provide Application of E Commerce. Online Electronics Shopping Software

  • Achieving business target. trainee workers are doing overtime
  • Ensure excellent customer service.
  • Ensure product display. no proper performance evaluation system for trainee workers, e.g. trainee period is extended without proper evaluation
  • Maintaining shop cleanliness. mothers are not allowed to go to child care centre at any time
  • Factory did not maintain benefit register properly e.g. need authority’s signature in payment voucher. Ensuring and monitoring staff attendance.
  • Maintaining shop opening and closing balance.
  • Evaluate shop attendant performance. factory does not have worker’s participation and welfare fund to share profit with the workers
  • Maintain an updated stock register book.
  • Give product knowledge to the shop attendant.
  • Deposit to daily sales to Bank.
  • Prepare sales statement and submit to A/C dept.
  • Prepare to petty cash statement.
  • Prevent shop lifting. not all workers are participating in relevant insurance schemes, such as retirement, illness or injury, disability caused by work related injury, or occupational disease, unemployment, child-bearing
  • Managing product stock and maintain report.
  • Ensure FIFO (First in and first out) in product performance .(120 day’s method)
  • Fast moving, slow moving and non moving product status.
  • Ensure maintenance of equipment such as computer, AC, UPS, and printer in the shop.
  • Ensure security of the shop from extortion, fire hazard.
  • Update monthly employee attendance report and leave status report.
  • Regular professional contact with reporting person.

Working Environment

  • waste contractors who collect the waste and dispose of it have no licence
  • waste not sold to a legal authority
  • waste not identified, segregated and labelled by type and hazard (e.g. plastics, cotton, electrical wastage, polythene etc.)
  • waste not stored in an allocated & appropriate area that avoids fire, spills or infestation
  • factory does not have a waste inventory and tracking system
  • no noise level assessment carried out in the factory, no system in place
  • factory does not have an inventory of & registered air emission sources incl. prevention and protection technical data and information
  • air emission units not registered and not regularly inspected, relevant documentation not available
  • factory has not obtained relevant consent orders from the pollution control board to operate (e.g. for air, water etc.)(India)
  • no EIA conducted and no EIA approval obtained environmental authority (China)
  • workers, cleaners and wastage loaders are not properly trained on waste handling, wastage identification, labelling and disposal

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