SGS Technical Audit Checklist

SGS Technical Audit Checklist

This is SGS Technical Audit Checklist is written by me.

  • Workers personal file
  • Machine register (Log)
  • Warehouse cleaning register (Log)
  • Building Approval
  • Inspection specification / instruction 9including IQC. In-process, final)
  • Work instruction for each manufacturing process
  • Procedure for definition and reporting of incident
  • Product recall procedure
  • Customer complaints procedure and compliant records
  • QC Policy
  • Pre-production training record for all staff (Job Training)
  • Internal Audit report (QC)
  • Calibration system of all special Equipments.
  • Subcontractor policy
  • Safety instruction for all workers
  • Work station clean.
  • Training record for QA Manager
  • Shipment weight control
  • Fire drill register
  • First aid training record
  • Broken needle register
  • All license
  • Fire equipments maintaining register
  • Organ gram
  • Cut piece inspection record
  • Stock control record (Shipment register)
  • Quality Manual ( Including Quality Policy, objective, Organization, chart, job description, reference to / procedure for the quality management system)
  • Management review (procedure, agenda, report)
  • Internal audit documents  (procedure, plan, audit reports)
  • Supplier control documents (supplier approval control procedure / criteria, list of approval supplier list, supplier evaluation records)
  • Document control procedure 9including that for record keeping)
  • Test record on traceability system
  • Equipment maintenance documents (plan, procedure, record)
  • Calibration of monitoring & measuring device (plan, procedure, records)
  • Written procedure for handling glass and hard  clear plastic breakages cleaning
  • Waste handling / storage procedure or record
  • Pest control documents ( list of trained pest control staff, contract with external pest control agency , pest control inspection record, bait documentation)
  • Process flow documentation
  • Record / plan for hazard analysis of the entire production process
  • Hazards assessment records during product design and development
  • Price
  • Delivery
  • Inspection received and for incoming accessories
  • Attendance
  • Factory name plate posted on gate.
  • Code of Conduct of Target.
  • Needle & Metal Detector report.
  • Machine oil and cleanness.
  • Lighting requirements
  • All kind of guards of machine
  • Quality manual
  • Sample Section
  • Pest control log book.
  • Reject fabric area. (Segregation)
  • Store/ Fabric go down.
  • Trim & Bin Card.
  • Shelf life test / reliability trail documents ( procedure and record)
  • Monitoring records of foreign body detectors (e.g daily sensitive records of metal detectors)
  • Broken needle procedure & records (if applicable)
  • Sharp tool control procedure & record (if applicable)
  • Nonconforming product control procedure

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