Sequin Machine

Sequin embroidery machine embroider on garments and this machine is made by multi head and multi needle, that can embroider several free embroidery design at the same time it can realize the function of auto trimmer.  The feature of  sequin machine is automatic control of embroidery, no need hand embroidery, make the embroidery robotization. This sequin embroidery can change color according the embroidery design when in embroider.  Some machine may assembly double sequin in first needle or last needle, the movement of sequin machine can be driven by motor or valve. This sequin machine support sequins embroidery stitch with all kinds of lockstitch and chain stitch. Sequin Embroidery Machine makes secrets of free embroidery designs that gives us beautiful embroidery.

Function of Sequin Embroidery Machine which Embroider on Garments:

  • Multi heads and multi needles sequin machine, can embroider some chain stitch flat designs at the same
  • Thread breakage head position when the thread break during embroider,
  • Sequin machine  can repair embroider and make embroidery stitch,
  • Attaching the sequin device it can mbroider sequin design and combine flat embroider at a time,
  • Making beautiful free embroidery designs by embroidery digitizing process,
  • Sequin embroidery designs free download is better than hand embroidery,
  • Attaching the simple towel it can embroider on towel design and combine flat embroider at a time,
  • Attaching the Cording it can embroider the cording design and combine flat embroider at a time,
  • Attaching the Boring device it can embroider the boring designs also,
  • It looks like hand embroidery,
  • Some machine provide free embroidery designs,
  • Embroidery designs free download is possible by USB port
  • Free embroidery designs is not better always.

Specifications of Sequin Embroidery Machine:

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Name”]

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value”]

Product Category


Machine Category

Embroidery Machines

Product Name

Sequin Embroidery Machine

Product Model

According to Manufacturer

Product Class





Name of Manufacturer

Agent In Bangladesh



3 phase 380V / Single phase 220V 50-60Hz, Consume 2.5kVA





Production Capacity

30 Set/Sets per Month

Sequin Speed

600-700 rpm

Flat Machine Speed

700-850 rpm


Touch screen



Head distance


Needle Number


Embroidery Area


High Speed



Servo motor

Power consumption





Linear rail

Stitch Length


Memory Capacity

 2, 000, 000 stitches

Embroidery Speed

750 RPM








This machine can make embroider in T-shirt, clothes, and all other garment.

Embroidery Digitizing Requirements Of Sequin:

  • Must be suitable for the material/ product/ treatment
  • Embroidery Digitizing Requirements must Must follow artwork
  • Must be securely attached so that it does not fall of the product
  • Must be correctly positioned, according to instructions when attached by hand, be secured with a knot every 2.5 cm/ inch
  • Must have no sharp edges withstand the product’s wear and wash
  • Embroidery Digitizing Requirements must be stitched with poly/ poly core spun yarn or poly/ cotton core spun yarn

Sequin Embroidery for Children Wear:

  • Sequin embroidery must be checked for sharp edges and sharp points.
  • Sequin embroidery must never break or disassemble. Styles with sequins need to be wash tested 5 times to ensure that all sequins are intact, and not sharp after wash.
  • Where hand stitched, the stitching should be locked off after every 10th stitch.
  • Monofilament is allowed to be used for attaching sequins as long as the maximum length of monofilament thread that can form a loop or string with free end, is maximum 1 cm for sizes up to and including size 98, and maximum 7,5 cm long for sizes above 98.
  • When using all over sequin fabric, make sure there are no cut sequins at the seams. For inside seam allowance – use binding to cover sequin edges.
  • Additional requirements for size 44 up to and including size 98
  • Sequins can be a choking risk. Due to their small size they cannot be tested for 90/70N pull force.
  • Sequins are only allowed if:
  • Sequins are machine stitched in at least three points per sequin.
  • Sequins are covered by small-holed mesh and
  • Risk assessment is done for every style to ensure the safety of the sequins. When stretching the fabric, the thread should not break and cause loose sequin embroidery.
  • Spindle sequin embroidery print is not OK as the decoration can easily come off. Foil print or glitter print could be an option.
sequin embroidery digitizing
sequin embroidery digitizing

Feature of Sequin Machine for Embroidery Design:

Feature of sequin machine for free embroidery designs is described here shortly-

Sequin Stitch
  • Sequin machine  make  embroidery digitizing,
  • Sequin embroidery  make the embroidery standardization,
  • Change according the free embroidery designs automatically when in embroider,
  • Auto trimming after finished embroider one color or area ,
  • Should support DST. DSB and ZSK design format,
  • Auto or hand embroidery designs upgrade the foot press when in the change of cloth,
  • USB device facility for transferring free embroidery designs ,
  • NIC port facility for transferring free embroidery designs ,
  • RS 232 port for for transferring free embroidery designs ,
  • Expected embroidery designs free download free embroidery designs software  facility with file format
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