Salary Packing and Disbursement

This is with further reference in respect of standing instruction as referred to above. Since the mentioned instruction is issued almost 19 years passed so it is required the inclusion and deletion on it with a view to proper functioning. -,

  • Following personnel will assist  in packing the money, advised that the  physical        cash with regard to separated amount as counter wise to be checked and duly received. Please ensure it.
  • In order to avoid confusion the taka figure will be highlighted on the packet.
  • After the money is packeted ,it should be reconciled  before the payment begins and only when it talleys salary disbursement should commence.
  • Before payment ensure the person & identify the person observing his/her ID card. Without proper identity if anybody paid he/she will liable for any loses.
  • All workers should be advised that they should count the money before they leave the counter.
  • No complain will be entertained  after the worker leaves the counter.
  • Please note ,that due to high amount of money incoming for wages payment to be alert  and  follow up that payment should be made on the same day by the Disbursement team as attached

Termination of Employment

Dear  hhh

You joined this organization as a Quality Controller under Quality Section from  09.04.2018 Since your performance was not satisfactory. As such the authority has decided to terminate your service with immediate effect.

Please note that since you were under probation, no termination benefit will be admissible to you.

Thanking you

Yours truly,

For Auto Garments Limited