Saf Guard Universal Mechanical Safety Tester
Saf Guard Universal Mechanical Safety Tester

Saf Guard Universal Mechanical Safety Tester

Mechanical Safety Tester

Mechanical Safety Tester – Saf Guard Universal Mechanical Safety Tester for Button pull test. As desired, we are pleased to inform herewith our best prices for the following items for your special consideration. To appoint Safety Representative for Premises and House Keeping, Mechanical, Electrical & Personal Safe Guarding. Fire Protection and Prevention, and Incident ( accident) Recording & Investigation …

  • STA-0020 Imada Force Gauge FB-30K
  • STA-0041 Upper Universal Grip
  • STA-0002 Upper Stud Grip
  • STA-0005 Upper Grasp Button Grip
  • STA-0042 Lower Fabric Clamp
  • STA-0006 Low Grasp Button Accessories Kit
  • STA-0004 Calibration Weight 15LB
  • STA-0040 Mechanical Stand for Imada Force Gauge
  • STA-0007 Upper Long Nose Vise Grip
  • STA-0008 Upper Three Pronged Grip
  • STA-0037 Small Part Cylinder , Plastic
  • STA-0035 Goggles, – STA-0039 Rubber Ring,
  • STA-0084 Multifunctional vice clump
  • Operation Manual, Origin: Hong Kong & Japan

Terms of Offer:

Offer validity : 30 days from the date of issue.
Delivery period : Sl. No. 01 from ready stock & Sl. No. 02 after LC of our principal.
Payment : Cash/Cheque on delivery.

To communicate on safety matters to both management and the workforce to increase safety awareness. Assuring you of our best services at all times & thanking you.

More Devices

  • Description of the Element
  • Machine Guarding
  • Lock-out System and Usage
  • LABELLING of Switches, Isolators and Valves
  • Ladders ( Registers), Stairs, Walkways
  • Lifting Dears and Records
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders, Pressure Vessels
  • Hazardous Substances Control
  • Motorized Equipment: Checklist, Licensing
  • Portable Electrical Equipment
  • Earth Leakage Relay, Use and Check
  • General Electrical Installations and Flame Proofing
  • Hand tools: eg., Hammers and Chisels
  • Ergonomics
  • Head Protectors
  • Eye and Face Protection
  • Footwear
  • Protective Clothing
  • Respiratory Equipment
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Safety Harness
  • Hand Protection
  • Control Over Personal Protective Equipment
  • Notices and Signs

Machine Guarding

To ensure safety of persons using equipment/machinery.

All hazardous moving parts within normal reach are completely guarded.

A good guard must have the following characteristics, for easy remembering sellout the word MACHINES and read against each word as below:

M ximum positive protection

A cess to danger zone prevented during operation

C rrosion and fire resistant and can easily be repaired

H zard such as splinters and pinch points should not be created by the guard

I spection by government official (factories Inspector) – the guard should comply.

N t weakening structure and be permanent part of the equipment

E ficient operation of the machine mist not be affected

S rong enough to withstand normal wear and tear

Make a list of machine guards within the site provide and identification number and survey the condition of each guard for its suitability as a good guard.

The serial numbers to allocate as per standard defined as under:

The safety representative to report any unsafe machines, no guards, loose broken or inadequate guards, or nip points monthly in his standard inspection report.

Condition of pedestal grinders & grind stones within his area also to be checked along with whether the grinding wheels are used safely.


The objective of this section is to implement and manage a system to effectively control those aspects which relate to the use of machinery and electrical equipment and the provision  and usage of personal protective equipment so that injuries and losses are eliminated or minimized.

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