What is Safe Working Procedure

As the factory owner and during the course of finalization of the reports and remediations plan described above, you must confirm that you understand the reports and will fully execute, within the provided timelines, all of the identified necessary remediations from the inspection reports. Should you face difficulty regarding the resources to complete these required remediations, please be informed that you should discuss options for identifying sources for the required resources with the Accord signatory brands producing at your factory. This does not mean the brands will directly provide you the needed resources but they are obligated to work with you to find the resources. Please note that the reports and necessary remediations will be simultaneously provided to the factory owner, each brand produced at the factory, and the worker representatives. …

Please be aware that within 6 weeks of the initial reports, the results of the inspection reports and necessary remediations will be published on the Accord website. Updates


  • Fire hazards can exist in almost any work area.
  • Installed Electrical Elements (D.B board, exhaust fan, socket, plug, cable, switch board etc).
  • Boiler room (Use of electric devise & use of stem pressure pipe)
  • Generator room (diesel, electrical fault & electric short circuit)
  • Improper operation or maintenance electrical equipment.
  • Improper storage or use of flammable liquids
  • Smoking in prohibited areas
  • Accumulation of trash
  • Hot work operations without proper controls.

PPE & Handtools required: Safety Shoe, Hand gloves, Fire Safety , Hard hat. Spanners, Adjustable wrench, Hammer, Lifting gears.

1Issue Permit to work for the cooler cleaningPlanning check sheet must be filled and other supporting certificate to be issued.


Discuss and instruct the team clearly

The work team must understand the total work.
2Water from the cooler to be released. Inlet and outlet air piping to be hung.Lifting gear and sling to be used for lifting pipes.Lifting gears and slings to be selected properly.
3Inlet and outlet flanges are to be opened.Manually lifting and carrying of flanges to be prohibited.Flange bolts are to be opened such that no damage occurred in the bolt thread.
4Fix 02 nos I-bolt on the inlet endplate of the cooler tube bundle. Then pull the tube bundle for opening from the shell.Lifting gear should be used for pulling purpose and it should be fixed with permanent settings.Care should be taken so that baffle of the tube bundle has not been broken during pulling.
5Tube bundle is then cleaned with high pressure water jet followed by chemical soak.Proper PPE should be used.Proper concentration of acid to be maintained.
6Refit the tube bundle in the cooler shell.Lifting gear and sling to be used for lifting flanges and pipes.Care should be taken so that baffle of the tube bundle has not been broken during tube bundle fitting.

Routine work

Designated task or activities where the boundaries of the scope of work are well defined and unchanging. Such activities are recurring and identified as having sufficient potential hazard to require a Preplanned Permit, Certificate or Checklist to carry out the designated task.

Non-Routine Work

Task or activities where, because of the nature of work, a unique permit to work shall be issued.


  1. Carry out a survey where work permits are required on site.
  2. List all those personnel authorized to issue and sign off work permits. Use form 3100 attached.
  3. Train everyone concerned with work permits:
  • It is your responsibility as a permit acceptor to:
  • understand and carry out the work to be done
  • be in line control and remain in direct line supervision of the work whilst it is being arried out.
  • ensure that you understand the work procedures, the potential hazards and safety precautions and comply with the permit conditions.
  • stop work immediately and notify the permit issuer if there is any change in the permit conditins.
  • check inspect, confarm, before you sign accepting the permit.
  • if in doubt ask. Do not guess.
  • after completing the work the hand back procedure must completed to protect you from future liability.
  • Planning: use checklist
  • Preparatory work: to create safe working condition found from checklist 3107 before issue of permit or preplanned permit.
  • Execution: Formally issue permit in Form No. 3100, work to be monitored & supervised to ensure that the safe working conditions are maintained.
  • Hand Back: the permit to be formally handed back to the issuer.
  • Regularly check that work permits are completed correctly and field for 12 months.
  • During use a copy of the permit must remain with the person doing the work or team leader.


Within two weeks of the completion of all 3 initial inspections, you will receive the reports and remediation requirements identified through the initial inspections. You will be offered one week to provide comments on the reports to the Chief Safety Engineer (CSI). The CSI will then finalize the reports and necessary remediations. The final report and remediations plan will be concluded in consult Safe Working Procedure

with you as the owner, the signatory brands produced at your factory, and the engineering team.