Resistance Testing Machine

Resistance Testing Machine Inner size(WDH): 600500 750 mm 225L Inner box material: galvanized sheet Outer carton material: cold plate paint Temperature range: room temperature +10 —– 80 °
Lamp: anti-yellowing bulb 300W * 1 Time setting: 1-999 minutes
Temperature controller: digital display
Power: 220V

Safety Issue for Workers

  • Resistance Testing Machine aisle marking is faded or erased
  • Resistance Testing Machine aisle marking not found in all areas e.g. fabric inspection, fusing, sample room, dining, packing area, washing section etc.
  • aisles found blocked by e.g. pillars, baskets, machines, workstations, workers standing in the aisle due to machines kept too close to the wall etc. not allowing proper emergency evacuation
  • aisles found narrow between wall and cutting tables, not enough evacuation space
  • emergency evacuation plan not provided in all areas including warehouse, any temporary work or storage areas, sample room etc.
  • emergency lights no marked
  • evacuation plan do not show watcher position e.g. “you are here”
  • exit doors found open inward instead of outward (in the direction of emergency evacuation) (i.e. child care, laboratory, boiler room, cutting, sewing, accessory store, dining hall, sample room, CTPAT etc., not applicable for actual toilet doors)
  • exit height of sections found only 5’feet 9”inches
  • exit signs & light boxes not in local language
  • exit signs are without active/intact light and not found above all exit doors e.g. sample room, fusing, passages, dining hall, packing room, doctor’s room, CTPAT area etc.
  • fire drill register not maintained
  • fire drills to be carried out on a regular basis at least every 2 months
  • lack of 2nd exit for all sections (e.g. fusing, dining hall, fabric inspection) and no 2nd staircase provided for sections that have more than 20 workers working in them
  • minimum width of exits to be 45” (Bangladesh)
  • secondary aisle marking not found in cutting section
  • sliding doors found that obstruct evacuation
  • width of emergency exits of sections less than 32” inches
  • workers confined by tables, machines or goods for Resistance Testing Machine