What is Raw Material

Fabric is the key raw material in garment it will take about 80% of the total cost. Auto Textile has special care of their main raw material before goes into production.

This point production (fabric) or stores will provide complete shade band to the quality department. Once out source fabrics comes to stores or in house fabrics before comes to stores will conduct 10% inspection and will accept or reject lot based on 4-point system. More Raw Materials 

GSM & Lab test reports

Initially with the shade band GSM of the each roll will be check by the QC against buyer standard. QC is responsible for the getting lab test report for each lot as per the customers’ requirements such as color fastness, shrinkage, ph value, bowing etc. If GSM and lab test is pass then will go for the 10% fabric inspection to analyze visual defect level.

In the case of failure of the above for in house fabric will send into to the mill for re-processing, but in the case of out source quality manager and merchandiser will take final decision after discussion with buyer and the supplier.

Shade variation checking

Fabric rolls are feed into the fabric machine face side up and cut approximately 6” panel across width to asses the within roll shade variation. 6” wide panel must mark their left & right just after cutting it. While conducting visual inspection start, middle and end of the roll will check for shade deviation by placing 6” cut band left, middle & right alternatively.

Visual inspection of defects

After the fabric been load to inspection machine start inspection. Machine speed should be set to the 10 to 15 m/min. When fabric is moving on the machine inspector will observe possible defects and mark them on his inspection report

After completion of the inspection result will be compute as per 4-ponit system

4-point system (Reject length point system)

Length of defect                    Penalty Points

Less than 3”                                      1

3” to 6”                                               2

6” to 9”                                               3

9” above                                            4

Finally calculate the total point per 100 yards or meters. Depend on the different customer number of points allow will be differ and Auto standard is 40 point above will be fail. If the inspection “passes” whole fabric lot will be releasing to the production.

If the inspections “fail” QC will conduct 100% fabric inspection and accept good rolls for the production. For reject rolls quality manager will advise the corrective action.

For in house fabric 10% inspection fail will return to the fabric department for re-processing.

110% Fabric Inspection ReportFabric inspectionQuality InspectorQuality Officer
2Swatch Card-GSMFabric inspectionQuality InspectorQuality Officer
3Lab test reportLaboratory  


Trims & Accessory inspection

Trims and accessories inspection will conduct in lot wise. Initially 10% of the material will be inspected. Decision of the acceptance or rejection will be done as bellow;

a. If lot has less than 2% defect it will be accept

b. If lot contains above 2% and less than 15% take another lot for the second inspection.

c.   If more than 15% defect found will conduct 100% inspection and replace the damage quantity.

  1. QC will conduct the inspection and test trims & accessories against the buyer standard.

Hook & Eye section

Before goes in to the production QC will ensure the shade of the fabric as per the buyers’ standard. Once the production start first out put will check and approve by the quality team for production. In first out put will check the shade (again), measurement, hook and eye strength. Further for the first out put will conduct lab test as per customer’s requirement.

During production QC will conduct 100% inspection.

1Sewing Accessory Inspection ReportStoresQuality InspectorQuality Officer
2Packing Accessory Inspection ReportStoresQuality InspectorQuality Officer
3NFD Inspection ReportStoresQuality InspectorQuality Officer
4Hook & Eye Inspection ReportHook & EyeQuality InspectorQuality Officer