Quilting Embroidery Machine

Quilting embroidery machine is sewing for embroidery patterns, quilting embroidery designs , embroidery boutique on garments, beeding set and other textile. Quilting embroidery machine can embroider while quilting, even change one from the other casually according to the pattern. Quilting embroidery stitches is a new generation in embroidery stitches software for applique designs & quilting Field. Quilting embroidery stitches is widely used in making amazing designs of family textile  e.g.  crazy quilt stitches , bedclothes and sofa padding for cute embroider . Embroidery patterns of quilting embroidery stitches are different form other embroidery boutique.

Types of Machine for Quilting Embroidery Designs :

There are two types of machine is used for quilting embroidery designs-

  1. Single needle row quilting embroidery machine
  2. Double needle row quilting embroidery machine

Function of Quilting Embroidery Machine:

  • Quilting with embroidery machine is  used for make sewing and embroidery on the continuous fabric rolls of quilting embroidery patterns
  • Making cute embroidery and embroidery stiches are done by this machine.
  • Quilting Embroidery Machine can make amazing design
  • Quilting with embroidery machine can make applique designs
  • Quilting Embroidery Machine can make cute embroidery
  • Quilting with embroidery machine also make embroidery on beddings, bedspread, and cushion which treat as  amazing designs as well as applique designs
  • Quilting with embroidery machine is widely used in textile and garment industry to amazing designs
  • Quilting with embroidery machine adopt unique pneumatic air cylinder for making cute embroider to move the frame.

Specifications of Quilting Embroidery Machine for Amazing Designs:

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Name”]

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value”]

Product Category


Machine Category

Embroidery Machines

Product Name

Quilting Embroidery Machine

Product Model

According to Manufacturer

Product Class





Name of Manufacturer

Agent in Bangladesh



380V/50HZ, /220V/60HZ, 5kw





Production Capacity

58 Sets Per Month

Head Number


Rotary hook

Big rotary hook

Rotary hook speed



Touch screen

Needle Number


Needle  space


Embroidery Area




Quilting Width


Quilting  thickness



5300× 1100× 1950mm

Power consumption



Servo Motor

Stitch Length

Binary 0.15-12.7mm

Memory capacity

1000000 stitches

Maximum embroidery speed

750 RPM








This compact single head embroidery machine is suitable for doing all kinds of flat / cap

Advantages of Quilting Embroidery Machine for Embroidery Boutique: 

Advantages of quilting embroidery machine for embroidery boutique is given below-

quilting embroidery designs
Quilting Embroidery Stitches
  • It makes amazing designs and stitches
  • It makes crazy quilt stitches
  • Machine generated crazy quilt stitches  is better than hand quilting stitches
  • It makes very small design within 1-2 inches looks like  cute embroidery patterns
  • Double row needles can work and combine the embroidery stitches together,
  • Making this type of  embroidery patterns save working time
  • Embroidery patterns and embroidery boutique improves productivity.
  • Embroidery boutique enhance its looking.
  • Cute embroidery patterns drawing by this type of machine
  • For making embroidery patterns by machine take less time than manual time
  • Making embroidery patterns by machine increase its quality

Embroidery Backing:

Embroidery or appliqués may have harsh back due to gathered ends that may scratch the newborn/infants skin. To avoid this it is a requirement that embroideries/appliqués should have a fused backing that is applied under appropriate conditions.

Type of Fusing

  • It is suggested that a lightweight knitted interfacing is used. Examples include PD9333 & PD 9233-09 (Freudenberg).
  • Please note that low formaldehyde interfacing developed specifically for newborn and infants should be used for these products

Method of Application

  • Continuous Fusing Press capable of temperature, time and pressure adjustment.
  • Interlining and base fabric to be cut in the same direction warp and weft
  • Compatibility of the fusing applied to the base fabric is to be tested prior to bulk production.


  • Interfacings to be applied under optimal conditions to achieve maximum adherence. The following is recommended for 100% cotton base fabric.
  • TEMP: 130 Deg Celsius
  • TIME: 12 Seconds
  • PRESSURE: 3 Kg/cm2
  • FUSE – LINE TEMPERATURE: 127Deg Celsius
  • NOTE: The above conditions may vary with the differences in the fibre content of the base fabrics used. The Temperature, time and pressure settings will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Bond Strength

Testing is required to confirm the optimal applied pressure and temperature and the period of time required for their applications to achieve maximum adherence of interfacing.

The fusing should be evenly adhered across the entire piece of fusing, with contact across the base fabric at all points including the centre and edges.

After cooling – 25N Before Wash – 21N After Wash (3 washes- to care instruction)

Testing Method

  • Supplier to undertake wash testing as indicated by care instructions for each type of base fabric to ensure that desired result is required and that the test replicates intended customer usage.
  • Dimensional change of fused fabrics is to be tested after three wash /dry cycles according to the care instruction. Standard to be not greater than +/ – 1.5% warp & weft.
  • Suppliers are to keep testing records for review during quality audits.
  • Wash test samples must also be available for observation.

Final Inspection Method

  • The fusing should move with the expected performance of the base fabric it is applied to.
  • The physical inspection method should simulate as close as possible customer usage. The fused fabric is to be held between both hands and extended warp and weft by gentle pulling between both hands, keeping your arms at your side.
  • This pulling motion is to be performed twice on the weft and twice on the warp of the base fabric.
  • The fused base fabric is to be stretched as far as it reasonably can be with the stretch of the fabric, without applying excessive force.
  • During this motion it is critical to observe that the fusing does not lift at the edges and that it is securely adhered across the entire piece of fusing. It is critical to ensure all areas of the fusing are in contact with the base fabric. This includes any area in the centre of the fusing which is covering the bulkier areas of the embroidery.

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