Quality Policy of a Garments Factory

Quality Policy of a Garments Factory – We are committed to give quality product and competitive price to our buyers. To meet up the growing demand, we keep in consideration to expand our project in near future. We practice advance technology in all aspects of our operation and consider infusing further innovative concepts in developing the sector.  -,

Quality: Our product quality is ensured with the practice of advanced technology and our inclination toward meeting our buyer’s satisfaction with competitive price.

Commitment: Our Commitment to quality has empowered us to ensure efficient working environment within our organization.

Dependability: Our just in time merchandising and shipment along with our advanced production technology assures our buyers to depend on us.

Buyer Satisfaction: Our buyer’s satisfaction sets the slandered of our product quality.

Continuous Improvement: Continually improve the quality management system via good management.

Quality Objective: Establish and maintain quality objectives for improvement of QMS and product quality.

Environment Consciousness: Our operation maintains a healthy environment for our employees to create a congenial atmosphere.

Quality Check Procedure for Carton

  • The quality problem report was received by Auto Trims Ltd  ,-
  • Our QA visited the factory on
  • Our QA found the below problems and reported
  • We had meeting with Wal Mart George office on 8.1.14
  • We called meeting of production and QA together and discussed the issue.

The caused found out:-

  • The punching was done with more pressure than the creasing.
  • As such the punching area crashed during the creasing.
  • The curing of the cartons was not upto the requirement.


  • George production is prohibited in the night shift.
  • The imported dice for carton perforation which we ordered to China supplier is already in house and installed for perforation. This will give us consistent pressure for perforation. We feel confident that from now onward, we will be able to avoid this kind of problem.
  • We have tightened the QA monitoring system. Added manpower to control the quality in line so that we can rectify any problem before finishing the goods.
  • For curing properly, the time is now considered 12 hours. This means, after production we keep the goods nested for cure for 12 hours. This gives better off the moisture.
  • We introduced 2.5 AQL systems [earlier we applied 4.5 AQL] in case of the final inspections. This means that we are inspecting