proforma invoice template
proforma invoice template

Proforma Invoice Template for Accessories

Proforma invoice template 1

To,                                                                                                        No.BSL/VGSL/HS-21/07

ASdeer Garments Ltd.                                                                           Date. 01.03.2001

Jahddfan Manson,

3445, Mirpur Road,  

Dhaka – 1205.

Materials: Accessories for ready-mades Garments:

S.I.No. Description Qty In. Rate US$ Total US$
01. Label 25000 Dz 0.25 6250.00
02. Printed Price Tags 74992 Pcs 0.009763 732.14
03. Hang Tag 25000 Dz 0.30 7500.00
04. Poly Bags 10671 Dz 0.37 3948.27
  (US Dollar Eighteen Thousand Four Hundred Thirty & Cents Forty One Only)
  Total   US$ 18,430.41

Terms & Condition of L/C Payment

Payment                         : A 90 days sight i.e. from date of shipment by an irrevocable letter of credit           in US Dollar incorporating your export L/C number.

Shipment Validity               : 45 days from the date of opening L/C indicating part delivery allowed.

Production                            : Subject to receipt of L/C.

Offer Validity                       : 10 days from the date of offer issue.

Time of negotiation             : 15 days from the date of shipment.

Interest                                   : Interest on opener’s account at LIBOR rate.

Insurance                              : Covered by the applicant.  

For Auto Trims Ltd.


              Authorized Signature

Proforma invoice template 2




A Concern of Auto Group



AAA (BANGLADESH) LTD.                                      P.I NO: BLL/ HP/0451/08

PLOT NO :2/F,3/F                                                                  DATE:20.08.09



5 ply master carton (48X41X7 CM)    HLBD/TRM/PO:11633 1690 Pcs $ 0.6034 $ 1019.7460
5 ply master carton (34X31X13 CM)  HLBD/TRM/PO:11625 1357 Pcs $ 0.4485 $   608.4145
5 ply master carton (34X31X13 CM)  HLBD/TRM/PO:11626 1696 Pcs $ 0.4478 $   759.4688
5 ply master carton (34X31X13 CM)  HLBD/TRM/PO:11627 2541 pcs $ 0.4485 $  1139.6385
5 ply master carton (34X31X13 CM)  HLBD/TRM/PO:11628 2558 pcs $ 0.4473 $  1144.1934
5 ply master carton (34X32X07 CM)  HLBD/TRM/PO:11629 4653 pcs $ 0.3871 $  1801.1760
5 ply master carton (34X32X07 CM)  HLBD/TRM/PO:11630 7059 pcs $ 0.3871 $  2732.5388
5 ply master carton (34X32X07 CM)  HLBD/TRM/PO:11631 1687 pcs $ 0.3871 $    653.0377
5 ply master carton (34X32X07 CM)  HLBD/TRM/PO:11632 4204 pcs $ 0.3871 $ 1627.3684
TOTAL 27445 pcs TOTAL $ 11485.7800

In wards say: ( US Dollar Eleven thousand four hundred eighty five & cents seventy eight only.)

Terms & condition of L/ C Payment

Payment                      : A90 days sight i.e from date of shipment an irrevocable letter of credit in Dollar incorporating your export L/C number.

Shipment                     : 45 days from the date of opening L/c indicating part delivery allowed.

Production                  : Subject to receipt of L/C

Offer validity              : 10 days from the date of issue

Time of Negotiation   : 15 days from the date of shipment.

Interest                                    : Covered by the applicant.

Payment term              : Payment must be made by US Dollar.

UD.                             : UD must be issue in favor of beneficiary as per PI

For Auto trims ltd.

Authorized Signature

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