Production Control and Service Provision


To ensure the production processes are carried out under controlled conditions. -,


This procedure applies to production of AUTO  Camp Ltd.


Production Manager, Manager Quality Control, Quality In-charge, Maintenance Manager, MCD Manager and Merchandiser are responsible to follow this master procedure.



  • Ensure availability of Purchase Order to production
  • Ensure use of suitable equipment
  • Ensure availability and use of monitoring and measuring equipment.
  • Inspection and measurement of sleeping bags
  • Implementation of release, delivery and post delivery activity.


  • Availability of Information and Guidelines:
  • Merchandiser shall provide sketch and measurement of the sleeping bags along to Production and Quality Control personnel, which are be followed during production.
  • Approved PP/salesman sample of buyer or buyer representative will be followed.
  • A copy of buyer Purchase Order will also be made available to
  • Manager, Merchandiser/ Merchandiser shall provide the TRIM Card to production and quality control for correct identification of fabrics and accessories.
  • For every style, Manager MC shall prepare Shade Card containing sample swatch from each roll of same color of an order arranged as per shade variation. The shade card will be arranged in such a way that any shade variation comes in a continuing fashion. The shade card will be approved by the Production Manager and Manager Quality Control.
  • Production shall be carried out according to the production program prepared by the General Manager.
  • Availability and Use of Monitoring and Measurement Equipments:
  • Manager Quality Control shall ensure availability of measurement instrument such as measuring tape to Quality Control and Production personnel.
  • Only calibrated measuring equipment will be used.


  • Implementation of Monitoring and Measurement:
  • Manager, Quality Control shall ensure required recording forms in the line to Quality Control personnel.
  • Products found non-conforming during production will be handled as per
  • Quality System Procedure for Control of Non-conforming Products