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Time Keeping & Overtime records

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This agreement is made on between rafiqul Ltd. Plot # 243-254 Union-Tetul Zora, bhuapur tangail, Dhaka. the first party and rafiqul Ltd. 846, tangail Industdrial area, tangail . The Second dhakaarty. Both the parties agreed to execute this agreement under following terms and condition:-

The first party rafiqul Ltd shall supply fabrics & accessories against sub contract.

The Second party shall make all necessary agreements for inter bond transfer permission.

The Second party will lookafter the production with their full care and responsibilities , for their occurs any loss or damage  the Second Party  will remain responsibilities for the same

The production will be processing under the full Instruction of the first Party


Total Quantity   :  1475586 PCS = 123277.17 DOZ

Delivery             : 23-12-2017

Rate TK.  97 /Pcs

Payment            :  By cheque after delivery as per specification.

For  rafiqulL td

Anybody entering to the premises of Modele De Capital Industries Limited. must obtain permission from the company reception desk & he/she must wear one of the followings on the chest for easy identification

Company Identity Card

Visitors Entry Pass

VIP Entry Pass

Time Keeping & Overtime records

Noted factory has installed the swipe card system in place. But still factory is maintaining working records by manual time cards the payroll are based on manual entered records . Moreover there are still no arrangements made to connect the swipe system to connect to IPS

Swipe card system has been installed and still on trial. The printout of November Job cards, Salary sheet, pay slips will be on trial basis. But the system will be implemented and will go into operation from January, 2017

Swipe system IPS connection will be completed by 13/12/2017

Payments & deductions

Noted at some stages, Factory has delayed the payments to workers

What is Time Keeping & Overtime records, Payments & deductions,

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