Process Flow Chart of Apparel Merchandising

Process Flow Chart of Merchandising

Here we will show practical Process Flow Chart of Apparel Merchandising in a garments factory. Garments merchandiser is responsible for the whole process. Apparel merchandiser will coordinate with factory manager, commercial manager , sample manager and other staff in the factory.

Receiving art work as well as size set specification for development of the sample

Making sample development

Making CAD Consumption & costing

Meeting with buyer for price and purchase order confirmation

Approval of Lab-dip

Making several types of sample

Send sample to buyer for approval

Buyer provide approval to customer

Making pre production – pp  sample with all actual

Yarn booking if not available in stock

Full fabric order

Required Accessories order

After approval of pp sample from buyer again arrange pp meeting

Go for bulk production

Arrange an inline inspection in factory

Send  test sample to buyer recommended 3rd party testing center

After finishing of bulk production call for final inspection

If final inspection is ok then go for shipment otherwise go for correctness process according to buyer

Arrange all commercial papers including LC, Back to Back LC etc for shipment

Send for Shipment

Sending documents to Buyer

Buyer send payment to Bank

Payments receive from Bank

Definition of some Merchandising words

Inline Inspection: Inline inspection is partial inspection. This partial inspection is done before final inspection. Inline inspection generally occur when the operators does not complete stitch job.

Final Inspection : Final inspection is done when production is complete that means at the of production