Procedure for Employee’s Training

Employee’s Training

Purpose & Scope:  To identify the training needs and provided training to employees in order to ensure that they are able to perform the jobs effectively

Responsibilities: The MR & EMR is responsible for directing the activities relating to this work instruction. And DMR is responsible to associate MR & EMR.


  • Training Need Identification:
  • Training Related Matter mainly controlled by the Human Resource Department of the Organization. That department does monthly Training session as well as daily training session. And also the department Heads are responsible to identify the training needs of employees working in their respective departments. Manager HRM & EMR is responsible to identify the training needs of the department heads.
  • Training needs can also be identified on as and when required basis e.g. on identification of a relevant external course, procurement of new machine etc.
  • The skills and competency for every job is evaluated on yearly basis, the gaps identified in employee’s abilities can be used as source of identifying training needs.
  • Training needs are identified on Training Record Form of each employee.
  • Training Planning
  • The training needs are reviewed by the MR & EMR based on the needs identified a Training Plan is prepared.
  • For in-house training the trainers are nominated by the MR & EMR and these are identified on the Training Plan.
  • If required the in-house and external courses from reputable agencies are also organized.
  • The trainees evaluate the training imparted and the effectiveness is reviewed in Management review meetings.
  • Orientation Training
  • When a new employee joins the company the relevant department head is responsible to prepare an orientation program based on the job requirements.
  • The MR & EMR approves the orientation program and the details are recorded on the Training Record Form.
  • Training Records
  • The training records of the employees are updated on completion of the training and filed in relevant employee’s personal file.
  • These files are maintained and updated by the deputy MR & EMR.

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