Preventive Measures on Eid Holidays

Preventive Measures on Eid Holidays

Some Preventive measures are for your kind action as below:

  • Please check whether all Doors, Windows & Main Gate are closed properly.
  • Please inform management if any Doors or Windows are broken, and repair as urgent basis before going Eid-Holidays.
  • Please check all Doors are sealed with authorized signature in a proper way.
  • Please make sure whether all Electrical connections are switched off (disconnected) properly to avoid fire accident.
  • Please make sure there is no source of fire, ignition and smoke during closing the factory.
  • Please make sure whether all workers were out of the factory building before closing.
  • Please make sure whether the security patrol duty in place at different gates and surrounding the factory building in 24/7.
  • Please instruct security guards to inform management without delay, if any incident (e.g. Accident, Theft, Damage, unauthorized personnel access, any terrorist activities, etc.) take place in the factory premises.
  • Please make sure all the Fire Equipment (e.g. Fire Hose reel, Fire Hydrant, Sprinkler, Water Source, CCTV, Fire Alarm, and Fire Extinguishers etc.) are in order and functional.


It is our continuing effort to ensure that our vendors/factories comply with the country of origin rules for textiles and apparel. Vendors/factories who do not comply with country of origin rules are subject to severe sanctions under law, including criminal and civil penalties, and blacklisting. The US publishes lists of foreign vendors/factories (1) found to be in violation of US origin laws, (2) convicted or assessed administrative penalties in their own jurisdictions for origin violations, (3) as a result of jump team visits by United States Customs Service (“US Customs”), determined to be illegally transshipping or closed or have no production records and (4) in the case of certain vendors/factories, banned from shipping goods to the United States.  These lists presently include hundreds of companies from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other jurisdictions. Local customs authorities may also impose a variety of administrative and judicial penalties for origin offences.

Further, where it has any suspicions regarding the origin of goods, US Customs can detain, exclude or seek redelivery of goods.  At the very least, these actions seriously disrupt the businesses of our customers and at worst may result in our customers suffering substantial monetary losses.

Specifically, we will not do business with companies that appear on any of the lists mentioned above or are otherwise found to have engaged in origin malpractice.

Buyer will send evaluators to complete a factory evaluation for each proposed manufacturing location for our orders. Any sewing, knitting, linking or looping operations that are proposed to be carried out will be confirmed that the factory has the ability (in terms of machinery, employees and otherwise) to carry out the operations to be performed and that the proposed operations are in compliance with laws of country of origin.

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