What is Portable Ladder for Garments Factory
What is Portable Ladder for Garments Factory

What is Portable Ladder for Garments Factory

What is Portable Ladder

Steps and Portable Ladder for use in DA & Hydrogen Factory must be made of wood, wooden ladders must not be painted but may be vanished basic rules for safe use of ladders to be followed. To ensure that all site ladders, stairs, walkways and platforms are in safe condition preventing accidents and injury..


  • all ladders to be listed and numbered, standard format attached
  • fixed ladders must be made of steel and if longer that 5.0 m must have a cage starting from 2.5 m extending 900 mm beyond top landing
  • fixed ladder with a cage to have locking arrangements
  • portable ladders must be registered and inspected every 3 months, standard format attached
  • all portable ladders to be kept under lock and key to stop unauthorized use
  • portable ladders-stepladder/straight ladder/extension ladders must be of aluminum
  • straight or extension ladders must have safety feet ( non-skid device)


  • stairs to numbered and listed
  • stairs to have non-slip surface or non-slip epoxy painted or carpeted
  • stair-ways with more that 4 steps must have a hand or guard rail
  • steps to be uniform in height and width, max height 178mm, and minimum width 250mm
  • stair-ways, landings, open-ended platforms to be fitted with toe-boards


  • walk-ways edges to be demarcated by 75 mm wide yellow lines
  • Walk-ways/work areas or platforms which are higher than 1.5 m must have a hand or guard rail.
  • elevated walk-ways must be minimum 750 mm wide
  • walk-ways must be free ob obstruction

Handrails / Guardrails:

  • hand /guard rails where needed will be made of pipe or steel angles
  • vertical posts to be not more than 2.5 m apart
  • to be equipped with a middle rail
  • to be equipped with middle rail
  • toe-boards of 100 mm height to be installed
  • the railing to be secured to withstand impact pressure of 100 kg from any direction


  • Loose rungs(move by hand)
  • Loose nails, screws, bolts etc.
  • Loose mounting brackets etc.
  • Cracked, broken, split stays
  • Splinter on stays or rungs
  • Cracks in metal stays
  • Bent metal stays or rungs
  • Damaged/worn, non- slip device
  • Wobbly


  • Wobbly
  • Loose/bent hinge spreaders
  • Stop on spreaders broken
  • Loose hinges


  • Defective extension locks
  • Defective rope pulley
  • Deterioration of rope


  • Painting of Wooden Ladder
  • Identification No: faded
  • Storage proper
  • Remarks Item No:
  • Remedial Item No:

Collection and formula:

Legal minimum wage refers to the minimum amount of wages per hour/day/week/month the worker is legally entitled to receive as per applicable laws.
In countries where wages are defined by skill, legal minimum wage refers to the minimum wage for each particular skill category
Percentage of Workers That Received Legal Minimum Wage = Number of Workers Received above Legal Minimum Wage/Total Number of Workers.
Step 1: Calculate individual workers wage rate with legal minimum wages rate.
Step 2: Count Number of workers whose wage rate is above legal minimum wage rate.
Step 3: Calculate the percentage of workers that received above legal minimum wage = Number of Workers that Received above Legal Minimum Wages/Total Number of Workers.

Collection and formula:
o Step 1: list workers with their take home wage
o Step 2: Calculate what will be the 20% of the total workers. Take the highest 20% of the workers with the highest take home wage.
o Step 3: Average take home wage of 20% highest= Total take home wage by the 20% Workers with the highest /Number of workers that are in the 20% workers with the highest take home wage group
$ Unit: Local Currency
Responsible staff:
• Human resources and finance personnel
Data Source:
• The payroll sheet and the attendance record

• Average take home wages workers within the month.
• This includes basic wage, overtime compensation, bonuses and other forms of monetary benefits.
• It is after tax and other deduction.
• It ONLY includes workers with full attendance (inclusive of week offs and public holidays). New workers, workers who have left and those that have taken days off within the month should NOT be included
• This performance data only counts top 20% workers who received the highest take home wages.
• Refers to total amount of Minimum wage and overtime compensation is taken according to the LAW including regular working hours and OT compensation.

Basic Rules for Safe use of Ladders

  • Always avoid bringing the ladder into contact with electricity
  • Place the ladder so that its feet are a quarter of its length to the top support from the object it is resting against.
  • Unless the ladder is securely tied at the top it should always be held by another person whilst in use.
  • Wherever possible the ladder should extend 1 m above its top support.
  • Keep ladders clean from dirt and grease
  • Never keep ladders lying on the floor
  • Do not use ladders horizontally as walkway or as scaffolding.
  • Use both hands when climbing up or down a ladder.
  • Tools and equipment should be hauled by ropes.
  • Ladders should be equipped with non-skid de devices ( safety feet)
  • Only one person at a time should use a ladder
  • Use the correct ladder for the job
  • Store ladder in a cool place, under lock & key, either lying on their sides or hanging in horizontal position from several wall brackets
  • Never place a ladder in front of a doorway, if necessary take adequate precautions.

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